Scan QR Codes Safely with the Trend Micro QR Scanner

    Using your camera and a QR code scanner on your mobile device, it’s easy to scan a code to download an app or go to a website—a bit too easy, some might say. What if the QR code is for a malicious app, or takes you to a dangerous website? How would you know before it’s too late?

    Trend Micro’s free QR Scanner for Android (and its equivalent in Trend Micro Mobile Security for iOS), lets you scan QR codes easily and safely, performing high quality URL safety checks on all the codes that you scan.

    Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ ensures you’re directed only to safe apps and websites, free from scams or malicious and dangerous content.

    If it detects danger along the way, it blocks you from going to the page and alerts you instantly.

    • Scans all QR codes easily, quickly, and safely
    • Dangerous apps or websites are blocked and reported instantly
    • It contains no 3rd-party advertisements
    • You can scan from the live camera or from saved images
    • It’s 100% Free.

    For iOS users, please try Trend Micro Mobile Security for its FREE Secure QR Code Scanner:

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