Installing or Upgrading Trend Micro Security on your PC or Mac

    installing or upgrading Trend Micro Security on your PC or Mac

    If you’re a frequent Internet user (as most folks are in the 21st century), browsing the web or receiving emails without good security software is inviting disaster.

    Sophisticated malware is rampant on the net, coming in the form of socially-engineered phishing emails that can trick you into visiting bad websites that host malicious files or fake AV apps masquerading as real ones—not to mention ransomware that can encrypt your computer or files and prevent you from accessing them until you pay a ransom.

    Trend Micro provides some of the best preventative security software available today to address these issues. This is proven by the AV-Test Institute over this past year when Trend Micro Internet Security beat out 23 other vendors in six rounds of testing by being the most consistent at protecting you against real-world threats.This is why it was named “Best Protection of 2014”—which won’t help you one bit, of course, if you don’t actually install it.

    To get started now, go to Trend Micro Security 10 , review your options, and install the free or paid edition of the Trend Micro Security edition best suited for you. They range from the solid entry-level Antivirus Plus editions for your PC or Mac to the Premium edition with more advanced features that can protect up to five devices in your household.

    One you’ve downloaded the installer, simply double-click it to begin.

    Trend Micro Maximum Security (PC)
    Figure 1. Trend Micro Maximum Security (PC) 
    Trend Micro Internet Security (Mac)
    Figure 2. Trend Micro Internet Security (Mac)

    Trend Micro Security scans your computer to make sure it meets the basic system requirements; checks it for existing viruses or software you need to uninstall first; and then proceeds to hold your hand through the license review and installation process.

    If you’re installing the 30-day Trial version, you won’t need a serial number. If you’ve paid for the security,you will be shown where to enter the serial number. If you already have an older edition of Trend Micro Security software installed on your computer, the installer helps you to uninstall it, prompts you to reboot, and the installation automatically proceeds.

    When the installation is complete, you’re assisted in the activation process, hooked up with your Trend Micro account (if you already have one), or helped through the creation of a new account if you don’t. Once activation is complete, you can manually update your virus protection for the latest components or just let Trend Micro Security update itself for you.

    Activating the Trend Micro Toolbar in your browser of choice is the final step. Then you’ll be well-protected from web threats in search results, on social networks, or from links in phishing emails that would like to take you to bad websites or convince you to download nefarious files. The list of protections provided by Trend Micro Security is long.

    That’s it! The whole thing only takes a few minutes—and then you’re free to do great things online safely, as we like to say here at Trend Micro.

    For more specific details on the installation or upgrade process, please watch the following easy-to-follow videos on our eSupport page.

    Once you’ve installed the software, please go to Trend Micro Software Product Guides (scroll down the page) to download the product guides for your Trend Micro Security software for PC or Mac; as well as our offerings for other platforms, including Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android or iOS, or Trend Micro Password Manager on PC, Mac, Android, or iOS.

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