Mobile Security: Can My Cell Get a Virus?

    smartphone virus

    Most of us are aware of the need to protect our computers, but what about our cell phones?  Can phones be infected with viruses or other malware?

    Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Smartphones (phones that have Internet capabilities and function more as mini-computers, such as the Droid or iPhone) can be at risk for viruses and spyware.

    How does the malware get onto your phone?

    Your phone can become infected through emails, texts, or apps that you download to your phone. Phones that become infected may slow down to a crawl or have the battery run out very quickly.  A bigger risk is that your data could be compromised. This means that a hacker could steal credit card or other information from your phone.

    What you can do to protect your phone?

    • Watch charges related to the phone. If anything looks suspicious, contact your provider immediately.
    • Check apps before downloading. Look for customer reviews to see if there have been any problems related to the app.  Make sure the site that you are downloading from is legitimate.
    • Check your phone to see what security features are built-in. Make sure you are using them.
    • Don’t loan your phone to anyone you don’t know and trust.
    • Install security software on your mobile device.

    Trend Micro Maximum Security offers great smart phone protection. Your contact information and personal data are safeguarded. Your phone is protected against viruses and spam and even if your phone gets lost or stolen, your data will still be safe.  Some of the features include:

    • Automatic and manual scanning for malware, including antivirus, SMS anti-spam, and anti-phishing
    • Customized parental controls
    • Multi-layered anti-theft protection (remote data wipe and SIM card password protection)
    • Information protection against accidental loss

    While it is unfortunate that malware has spread to smart phones, it’s not surprising. You can take steps to lessen the risks. Using Titanium Maximum Security offers protection against malicious attacks, allowing you to use your smart phone with confidence.

    Trend Micro Mobile Security protects the digital files and secures the banking transactions on your Android devices. Because it identifies and stops cybercriminals and viruses before they attack, you can have peace of mind whenever you use your Android. Requiring little space and specifically designed for Android devices, Trend Micro Mobile Security provides the protection and freedom you need to stay mobile.

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