Protecting the AI PC: Dangers & Solutions

    The introduction of generative AI and large language models, such as ChatGPT, has brought AI to the masses. You might not realise it, but many of the most popular apps out there already use AI in some way. And now, with the advent of AI PCs, we’ll all soon be using and benefiting from AI more than we could have ever imagined.

    What is an AI PC?

    An AI PC isn’t just your average computer; it’s a computing powerhouse equipped with a neural processing unit (NPU), a specialized processor that’s like having a dedicated AI brain right in your machine. This brain enables your apps to process data at lightning speeds, locally on your PC, without always needing to connect to the cloud. It’s the next step in the evolution of personal computing, transforming your PC into a more intelligent partner in your daily activities.

    Understanding AI PC Security Risks

    AI PCs are truly the next evolution of the PC, but as they become more prevalent, the potential for exploitation will increase significantly. Users will be vulnerable to a variety of cyberattacks, including prompt injection, AI model tampering, knowledge base poisoning, and data exfiltration. Here are some of the specific risks AI PC users will face:

    • Personal data exposure: AI PC apps can access vast amounts of your personal information. If compromised, the privacy implications are significant, potentially leading to identity theft.
    • Local file vulnerability: Since AI PCs store critical files locally, these files could become direct targets for tampering, affecting the integrity of your AI PC’s apps.
    • Malicious manipulation: A compromised AI app could be forced to perform harmful actions, from spreading misinformation to executing cyberattacks.

    A Real-world Example

    Imagine asking your AI chatbot for your bank’s official website. Under normal circumstances, it would guide you to the correct site. But if a cybercriminal had tampered with the chatbot, it could direct you to a fraudulent website that appears 100% legitimate, but is, in fact, designed to steal your banking credentials. This isn’t just a hypothetical scenario — it’s a real risk that AI PC users will face.

    Trend Micro: Securing the AI PC

    To combat AI PC threats, Trend Micro has developed AI app protection technology, designed to protect your AI apps, ensuring that they remain trustworthy and secure. As manufacturers roll out AI PCs, you can embrace this new technology confidently, knowing that Trend Micro is your ally against cyber threats. Once you’re equipped with our AI app protection solution, you can enjoy the revolutionary benefits of your AI PC without compromising on security.

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