iOS 18: What’s New, How to Upgrade & Troubleshooting

    How to Upgrade to iOS 18

    At WWDC 2024, Apple officially announced iOS 18, confirming that it will launch later this year. The new iteration of iOS comes with lots of new features and exciting updates. To learn more about them and how to upgrade, keep on reading.

    iOS 18: What’s New?

    iOS 18 will introduce a variety of new features. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most exciting ones.

    Upgrades to Messages

    iMessage is about to get even more expressive with the latest update. You can now animate any part of your messages, from a single letter to entire phrases or emojis. Plus, you can perfectly convey your tone by adding bold, underline, italic, and strikethrough formatting to your texts.

    Apple is also enhancing the satellite capabilities of certain iPhone models in iOS 18, allowing you to send messages via satellite when you’re beyond the reach of cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

    Source: Apple

    Big Photos Redesign

    The Photos app is receiving its most significant update yet, streamlining your ability to find and revisit cherished memories. A new single-view grid and thematic collections will organize your photos automatically, with the option to pin collections for quick access.

    Apple WWDC24 iOS 18 Photos Collections
    Source: Apple

    Major Updates to Safari

    Highlights and a redesigned Reader mode are coming to Safari. Machine learning will enable Safari to highlight essential information on webpages for a quick summary. Reader mode now offers a distraction-free environment with a summary and table of contents for lengthy articles.

    Source: Apple

    A New Passwords App

    The new Passwords app will be a built-in password manager. You’ll be able to store and manage passwords, passkeys, Wi-Fi passwords, and verification codes. Additionally, it will also let you know if your passwords are at risk, alerting you to potential risks such as weak passwords or those that may have been exposed in a data breach.

    Source: Apple

    Mail Categorization Updates

    With iOS 18, Apple is enhancing on-device processing to smartly organize emails into four distinct categories: Primary for personal correspondence, Transactions for receipts and confirmations, Updates for notifications, and Promotions for coupons and marketing. A new digest view will consolidate emails from individual businesses for at-a-glance essential information.

    Source: Apple

    AI-powered Writing & Image Tools

    iOS 18 will come with Apple Intelligence, which will provide you with system-wide writing tools to help you rewrite, proofread, and summarize text in Mail, Notes, Pages, as well as third-party apps.

    Additionally, Apple Intelligence will allow you to create AI-generated images in seconds, with the option to choose from three styles: Animation, Illustration, or Sketch.

    Source: Apple

    iOS 18 Release Date & Supported Devices

    The exact release date of iOS 18 isn’t currently known, but previous major iOS releases from iOS 6 onwards have all been around mid-September, so we expect it to be available to everyone around that time.

    iOS 18 will be compatible with lots of devices. Here’s the list:

    • iPhone 15 series
    • iPhone 14 series
    • iPhone 13 series
    • iPhone 12 series
    • iPhone 11 series
    • iPhone XS and XS Max
    • iPhone XR
    • iPhone SE (2nd generation or later)

    How & Why to Upgrade to iOS 18

    When it’s released, upgrading to iOS 18 will be highly recommended to access all the new features and improvements. Once released, you can update your iPhone by navigating to Settings > General > Software Update and following the on-screen instructions.

    iOS 18 Beta & Troubleshooting

    A developer beta of iOS 18 is available now through the Apple Developer Program at However, as it’s a beta version, it likely has some bugs, and it does not include Apple Intelligence.

    If you choose to download the beta, you may run into problems where it may fail to download, prepare, or install. In those cases, you can potentially solve the issue by:

    • Simply waiting a while: Lots of people may be trying to download the beta and Apple’s servers may be a bit overwhelmed.
    • Checking your internet connection: The update won’t be super small, so a stable internet connection is required.
    • Restarting your phone: It sounds simple, but turning your device off and on again can resolve many technical issues.
    • Freeing up storage space: You won’t be able to start downloading the iOS 18 update if you don’t have enough free storage space. Even with sufficient space, the update process may not always go smoothly. You can free up storage space manually or you can use Cleaner One for iOS to do it automatically.

    Cleaner One for iOS: Free Up Space on Your iPhone

    With Cleaner One for iOS, you can free up storage space on your iPhone so it’s ready for iOS 18! Here are some of its features:

    • Photo Cleaner: Detects and removes duplicate or similar images, freeing up valuable storage space.
    • Video Cleaner: Targets large video files for quick and effortless cleaning.
    • Bulk Photo Remover: Allows for mass deletion of photos by date or enables the removal of all photos in a single tap.
    • Photo Vault: Secures your chosen photos with password protection.
    • Contacts Cleaner: Consolidates duplicate entries and removes unnecessary contact information.

    To learn more or to download Cleaner One for iOS, click the button below.

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