Rarible (Eventbrite) Email Scam

    Rarible (Eventbrite) Email Scam

    Recently many netizens shared that they’ve received emails that say their item has been successfully sold on Rarible and wonder if these email are legitimate. Short answer: NO! Read on to learn how the scam works and check for the top NFT safety tips to avoid scams:

    Rarible/Eventbrite Email Scam

    Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have taken the digital world by storm over the past years. For artists who sell their NFTs on trading websites such as Rarible, it is always good news to hear that their item has been successfully sold and that they can withdraw the balance. However, these email notifications could be fake! 

    Many people shared that they received the same email with the same balance (1.3ETH) from the same sender on the same day:

    Rarible email scam
    Source: Reddit

    Content of Fake Rarible Email:


    We’re thrilled to inform you that your item has been successfully sold on Rarible ! Your trust in our platform and the quality of your item have truly paid off.

    As of now, you have an available balance of 1.3 ETH ready for withdrawal. You have full control over when and how you withdraw this balance, providing you with flexibility and convenience.

    What will happen if I fall for Rarible email scams?

    The fake Rarible email pretends to be an official notification from Rarible, informing you that someone has bought one of your NFTs listed on the platform. If you take the bait and follow the email’s instructions to “withdraw the balance,” you will need to link your crypto wallet and submit credentials like your seed phrase. 

    Beware! If you do so, scammers can take over your crypto wallet and transfer every “bit” away. What’s worse, since cryptocurrencies are decentralized, it would be nearly impossible to get them back!

    How to spot Rarible email scam?

    Although the email looks genuine, there are several red flags to check for:

    • The email addresses a general audience instead of a specific user.
    • The email requests for your sensitive information, such as seed phrase or wallet login details. (Or, the email guides you to a non-official page or a fake crypto website to trick you.)
    • The sender’s email address is NOT associated with the official domain: @rarible.com. In this case, they all come from the spoofed email address noreply@campaign.eventbrite.com. Eventbrite’s service has been misused in various crypto scams. Watch out!
    Sample scam email coming from Eventbrite email address Source: Reddit

    Fake NFT emails:  Other Red Flags

    • Too-good-to-be-true offers: The offer seems unrealistically generous.
    • A sense of urgency and pressure: The email urges quick action, such as confirming your wallet address within 24 hours. Scammers may even threaten to suspend your account if you don’t take action soon.
    • Poor grammar and wording: Scam emails may have poor grammar, spelling mistakes, or awkward wording.

    How to Protect Yourself from Rarible Email Scams

    • Go to the official website directly to verify if a notification is genuine. Never click on links or attachments from unknown sources. 
    • Double check the sender’s email address.
    • Be smart with your sensitive information. Never give out wallet addresses or private keys!

    For more tips on how to stay safe from NFT scams, please visit this article.

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