Is The 6400 Subsidy a Scam? Yes (Click for Info)

    Is The 6400 Subsidy a Scam?

    With the rising cost of living, many of us are struggling financially — and this is exactly what scammers are preying on with this latest “6400 subsidy scam.” If you’re wondering if the $6400 subsidy is legit, the short answer is no. However, for more info, keep on reading.

    6400 Subsidy Scam

    Recently, many posts have been popping up on social media claiming that people can receive a $6400 subsidy from the government. Below are some examples:

    6400 subsidy scam
    6400 subsidy scam

    Unfortunately, all of them are completely bogus. The links in the posts lead to non-government websites such as chat[.]healthbenefitsnow[.]com, which can be seen below:

    On chat[.]healthbenefitsnow[.]com there is a simple chatbot that claims to tell people if they qualify for the subsidy. According to the site, anyone under the age of 65, who earns less than $60,000 a year, and doesn’t have Medicaid or Medicare, may be eligible to receive the subsidy.

    Unfortunately, however, it’s simply not true. After chatting with the chatbot, those allegedly eligible to receive the subsidy are given a phone number to call:

    400 subsidy scam_health benefits_chatbot website

    It’s likely that the person on the other end of the phone is a scammer looking to trick people into inadvertently sharing their personal or financial info. Do not call any such phone numbers.

    Other posts link to a site called trendingresults[.]com, which inexplicably lists some very unexpected “popular topics for shoes”:

    However, regardless of where they lead, it is advisable to not interact with these bogus subsidy posts in any way. They are likely being used by scammers as a method to steal people’s personal and financial info, potentially leading to its sale on the dark web or its use by the scammers to commit additional crimes.

    Real Financial Assistance from the Government

    The 6400 subsidy may be a scam, but the government does provide financial assistance to help with living expenses or business costs. If you are in need of financial assistance, visit the links below to search for programs you may be eligible for:

    • Offers support in areas like food, housing, health care, child care, Social Security, and more.
    • Provides assistance for small business, education, housing, and various other needs.
    • Geared towards organizations involved in government-funded programs and projects; not intended for individuals or personal expenses.

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    • By Sheila Robinson | January 11, 2024