3 Reasons You Need a Second Phone Number

    3 Reasons You Need a Second Phone Number

    Few people think about the benefits of having a second phone number or temporary number. Perhaps because you would ordinarily need to either carry two separate phones with you wherever you go or have a dual SIM-capable phone. Not to mention the fact that you’d have to actually pay the extra carrier charges that come along with owning a second SIM card!

    However, the benefits of having a second phone number are huge — and you can get one for 100% FREE with Trend Micro Check. If you’re just interested in getting your hands on a completely free second/virtual phone number, skip to the end of the article, but if you want to learn how having a second phone number can help you out, keep on reading!

    3 Reasons You Need a Second Phone Number/Temporary Number

    #1 — Protection from data leaks/breaches

    We’ve all grown accustomed to seeing news about large-scale data breaches nowadays. After all, it’s rare that a month goes by without another company suffering one, often compromising hundreds of millions of customers’ data as a result.

    When we do business with companies (shopping online, signing up for various services, for example), we invariably need to give them lots of information — full name, email address, phone number, etc. When you have a second phone number, you can give it to companies instead of your real phone number, so if they unfortunately suffer a data breach, your real phone number isn’t compromised.

    Scammers often access leaked data and will send the people affected by the leak lots of scams such as phishing text messages. Having a second phone number will stop them from sending you scam/spam content to your real number.

    #2 — You can keep your personal number private

    There are plenty of reasons why you may not want to share your real phone number with someone — perhaps you’re selling something on Craigslist or your friend has set you up with a blind date. In situations such as those, it’s perfectly reasonable to have some minor concerns about sharing your real phone number.

    Well, with a second phone number, you don’t have to! And because a second phone number looks just like a real phone number, whenever you share it with someone, they will never know that it’s not your real number, so win-win!

    #3 — Separate your work and personal lives

    With so many of us having experienced working from home during COVID, we know what it feels like to have our work lives blend in too far with our personal lives. Having a second phone number that can be used exclusively for work matters can enable you to easily keep the two separate.

    This can be especially helpful if you’re starting a small business or side hustle. You can keep your main phone number private and use your second phone number with your new venture!

    How to Get a Second Phone Number/Temporary Number for FREE

    With our 100% FREE app, Trend Micro Check, you can get a second phone number completely free of charge! It’s a brand-new feature that we’re just rolling out, so it doesn’t presently support everything that it will in the future (you can’t currently make or take phone calls, for example). But you can use it to receive and reply to texts, so give your second number to companies when you sign up for their services and keep your personal number private and spam free!

    Trend Micro Check has lots of other great features and is available for both Android and iOS, too. So, what are you waiting for? Click the button below to get your free second phone number today!

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