GetCashTo Scam (Confirmed Scam!)

    GetCashTo Scam (Confirmed Scam!)
    Last Updated on April 20, 2023

    Is GetCashTo a Scam?

    Come across the website GetCashTo[.]com and you’re not sure if it’s legit? You probably think it seems too good to be true, but there are thousands of people who’ve endorsed the site online and they can’t all be wrong, right?

    Well, the short answer is GetCashTo[.]com is 100% a scam, but for the full story, keep on reading!

    GetCashTo Scam Explained

    GetCashTo calls itself “The Social Media Money App.” The site promises to pay people for getting others to click on their invite link, when other people sign up to the site via their invite link, completing “tasks”, and even just initially signing up.

    On its homepage, GetCashTo claims to have already paid out over $13 million. Bear in mind that the site has only been registered since October 2022, however.

    GetCashTo Scam_Whois info_20221214

    Despite the suspiciously recent site registration date, after taking a look at GetCashTo’s Instagram follower count and exemplary Trustpilot rating, it can be tempting to want to trust the site — especially when it seems that there’s the chance to earn hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

    GetCashTo Scam_Instagram Stats_20221214
    Instagram stats
    GetCashTo Scam_Trustpilot average review rating_20221214
    Getcashto reviews on Trustpilot

    However, upon closer inspection, there appears to be something fishy going on. On Trustpilot, a highly suspicious number of Getcashto reviews are repetitive and nonsensical, such as the ones in the screenshots below.

    GetCashTo Scam_Trustpilot_Repetitive and nonsense ones_20221214
    Suspicious Getcashto reviews (1)
    GetCashTo Scam_Trustpilot_Repetitive and nonsense ones_2_20221214
    Suspicious Getcashto reviews (2)

    Regarding the Instagram followers, it’s likely that the majority of them are fake/bot accounts.

    Although perhaps you’ve seen videos of real people talking about how great GetCashTo is. Videos such as the ones below — which were both posted on the testimonials page of the GetCashTo website.

    The similarities between what both women say in their videos is immensely suspicious — almost like they’re reading from a script.

    It’s not all positivity directed toward GetCashTo, though. People on social media — most notably Reddit — have recently been calling out the site as a scam.

    Is GetCashTo Legit?

    GetCashTo[.]com is 100% a scam website. The site deceives people into thinking they can make some easy cash, then requests lots of their valuable personal information — which can be sold to cybercriminals on the dark web and underground internet forums for a very high price. Do not trust GetCashTo, and most certainly do not give it your personal and/or financial information.

    How to Detect Scam Sites

    The truth is, there are lots of scam websites on the internet, and like GetCashTo, they’re getting more and more convincing. People looking for the easiest and most reliable method of detecting and avoiding scam websites for free will want to check out Trend Micro Check.

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