Elon Musk “Freedom Giveaway” Crypto Scam Spread on Twitter

    Elon Musk "Freedom Giveaway" Crypto Scam Spread on Twitter
    Last Updated on August 8, 2023

    Elon Musk “Freedom Giveaway” Crypto Scam

    Twitter and new owner Elon Musk have been everywhere in the news lately — and scammers have been using the trending publicity to push more crypto-related scams via Twitter. The latest one is “Elon Musk Freedom Giveaway” scam. Twitter users who follow Elon Musk (and related accounts like Tesla and SpaceX) are the target. Would-be victims are added to a “Deal of the Year” list that randomly targets users, with links to malicious websites, as below, that are supposedly offering great deals and giveaways.

    Elon Musk Freedom giveaway Twitter Scam_Freedom Giveaway about page_20221209
    Elon Musk Freedom Giveaway “about” page
    Elon Musk Freedom giveaway Twitter Scam_Fake Tweet_Deal of the Year List_20221209
    Elon Musk Giveaway Crypto Scam. Source: Twitter

    Victims are being persuaded to deposit small amounts of crypto into the related threat actor’s wallet — with the false promise that they can receive up to 5,000 Bitcoin in return. In addition, the “Freedom Giveaway” scam invites users to answer quiz questions on the freedomgiveaway[dot]net website. After “passing” the quiz stage and “verifying age”, victims will be asked to connect a BTC address and choose either Ethereum, Bitcoin, or Binance Coin.

    Elon Musk Freedom giveaway Twitter Scam_Sample Quiz Questions_20221209
    Sample quiz questions
    Elon Musk Freedom giveaway Twitter Scam_Sample Quiz Questions_20221209_2
    Sample quiz questions

    Needless to say, the websites are designed to steal money and harvest personal details — take part in the giveaway, and the only thing that will be given away is your own crypto, money, and identity! This is not the first scam of its kind: similar scams have taken in millions of dollars, according to reports. You can see our own previous reporting on Elon Musk/Twitter crypto scams here. Be safe out there, folks!

    URLs to avoid:

    • freedomgiveaway[.]net
    • mastergiveaway[.]net

    Protect Yourself with Trend Micro Check

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