Tyler Griffin Missing Boy Scam

    Tyler Griffin Missing Boy Scam

    This week we’ve been tracking a particularly horrendous scam attempt. Posts have been going viral on Facebook in relation to a supposed missing-person case. The individual in question is Tyler Griffin, a young actor known for his role in the Insidious film franchise. The posts claim that Griffin, based in Florida, has been missing for several days and that his family are understandably desperate for any information. Users are encouraged to comment and share widely in an attempt to help find the boy.

    Tyler Griffin Missing Boy Scam_Example Facebook posts_1_20221117
    Example Facebook posts

    How Does Tyler Griffin Missing Boy Scam Work

    Readers may notice however, that these posts are being shared on trade pages — seems an odd venue for missing person posts, right? This is unfortunately a SCAM — and a pretty cynical one at that, by profiting off of people’s goodwill and desire to help. What happens is that, once the posts have received enough online traction (shares etc.) the scammers will then alter the content of the post to advertise rental listings on dodgy real estate websites, as well as online surveys. You can see the transition in the posts below.

    Tyler Griffin Missing Boy Scam_Example Facebook posts_Evolution_2_20221117
    Example Facebook posts
    Tyler Griffin Missing Boy Scam_Example Facebook posts_Evolution_Facebook Post Edit History_20221117
    Example Facebook posts

    Aside from the moral issue of manipulation, the links themselves lead to phishing pages where the intention is to harvest people’s personal information. Don’t fall for it! Thankfully, other users are aware that it’s a scam and have been warning their fellow Facebook users — as seen below.

    Tyler Griffin Missing Boy Scam_Warning Post_1_20221117
    Warnings on Facebook

    To summarize, Tyler Griffin is perfectly safe at home, and this is a cynical scam. Beware of such posts in the future — it is an old tactic, used by scammers on Facebook.

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