Is Itwasu[.]com a Scam? (Free Puffer Case?)

    Is Itwasu[.]com a Scam? (Free Puffer Case?)

    Over the last few weeks, lots of people online have been wondering whether the website itwasu[.]com is legit or not. The site was recently running a promotion allowing first-time customers to purchase a phone case called The Puffer Case at a 100% discount. Seems too good to be true, right? The short answer is yes, but keep on reading for the full low-down!

    Is itwasu[.]com legit?

    Unfortunately, itwasu[.]com is a complete scam. However, unlike many scam websites, itwasu[.]com looked the part. A lot of scam sites are obvious — they’re littered with typos and strange wordings, their designs are unprofessional looking, and they often only accept certain types of payment options such as cryptocurrencies. There was an unusual “2022 it was u???? | No Copyright Intended” message in the bottom left-hand corner of the site, but other than that, its design aroused no suspicions. Scam_website screenshot_20221013 Scam_website screenshot_20221013_2

    Itwasu[.]com — not an obvious scam

    Although itwasu[.]com had none of the many obvious tell-tale signs of a scam site, there was one giveaway that it was not to be trusted: it was selling a desirable product at a 100% discount. Ever since Dua Lipa, Justin Bieber, and Kendall Jenner were spotted sporting Puffer Cases on their cell phones, interest in the unique-looking case has been high.

    For many people, the chance to purchase a Puffer Case for close to free — only needing to pay for delivery — was too good to pass up. Unfortunately, it is herein that lies the scam, because once scammers have a victim’s name, address, card number, and CVC number, they’re free to make any purchases in that victim’s name that they wish. They may also sell the information to other cybercriminals on underground forums or the dark web.

    If you entered your information onto itwasu[.]com, you should contact your bank immediately. Scam_website screenshot_20221013_now
    The itwasu[.]com website now

    Fortunately, itwasu[.]com is no longer accepting orders. The only thing on the website now is a message explaining that the site currently has no more stock due to an overabundance of orders. Although the message states that orders are allegedly being processed, due to the website being a scam, it is overwhelmingly likely that they will not be fulfilled.

    If itwasu[.]com ever starts accepting orders again, please do not take the bait.

    How to Detect Scam Sites

    The truth is, there are lots of scam websites like itwasu[.]com on the internet, and they’re getting harder to tell apart from legitimate ones. People looking for the easiest and most reliable method of detecting and avoiding scam websites for free will want to check out Trend Micro Check.

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