Spot the Scam: Best Buy, 5G Update, Dogecoin/BTC, and Amazon Shipping Scams


    In this post, we will share the details of 5 popular scams – Best Buy and5G Update smishing attacks, fake cryptocurrency websites, and 2 Amazon phishing scams. Check how these scams work and learn tips on avoiding them.

    Best Buy PlayStation 5 Giveaway Scam

    We have seen the email versions of Best Buy giveaway scams before, and now the scam comes in smishing attacks as well:

    BestBuy PS5 scam text message. Source: Reddit
    Best Buy PS5 scam text message. Source: Reddit

    Scammers falsely claim that Best Buy is giving away PlayStation 5 and prompt you to click on a link to claim your reward. The link is a phishing link, and it will take you to a web page where you are asked to enter personal information and even banking details. With the credentials, scammers can steal both your money and your identity. In a worse situation, malware will start to download if you click on the link.

    5G Update Smishing Scam

    Did you receive this text message about the 5G update?

    5G update scam text message. Source: Reddit
    5G update scam text message. Source: Reddit

    Due to the 5G-update, All android users must download the new FREEDOM-App. Otherwise, your services may be stopped. Download here: http:″ (In some versions, it reads “your services may be cutted.”)

    Be cautious, and do not click on the link. It is unreasonable that you have to download an app to keep your mobile service working. The link can be a phishing link that leads to a page and asks you to submit personal information; or, in worse cases, malware will start to download once you click on the link.

    Cryptocurrency Scams on Social Media

    After Elon Musk mentioned Dogecoin on Saturday Night Live, the discussion of cryptocurrency went viral, and so as related scams:

    On Twitter: BTC Giveaway Scam

    A compromised verified Twitter account (@JorgeTaiana) changed its name to “SNL” and posted Tweets in replying to Elon Musk about giving away Bitcoins through a link:

    Bitcoin scam on Twitter. Source: Business Insider
    Bitcoin scam on Twitter. Source: Business Insider

    The link is a phishing link. If you click on it, you will be lured to enter personal information or other sensitive credentials.

    On YouTube: Dogecoin Scam

    Scammers are also spreading similar scam messages about Dogecoins on YouTube. They promote a fake Dogecoin website using an account named “SNL News Live” (impersonating the legitimate SNL YouTube channel):

    Dogecoin scam on YouTube. Source: TechStory
    Dogecoin scam on YouTube. Source: TechStory

    Scammers promise you that they will double your Dogecoin. You will have to send them any amount of Dogecoins, and in return, scammers just take all your Dogecoins away. Be careful and do not fall for it!

    Amazon Smishing Scams

    Amazon shipping scam
    Are you expecting your orders from Amazon? Be careful. Amazon shipping scams are on the rise! Shipping scams are common, and we have reported different versions of them before.

    This week we have detected 6 times more fake Amazon shipping text messages. Scammers pose as Amazon and send text messages, falsely claiming that your package was returned and that you have to contact them via a link attached in the message: Hey, this is Mike of Amazon, we tried to deliver your package today but it is returned back to us. Please contact us here ASAP <URL>

    Do not click on the link! It is a phishing link, leading you to a page that says you win an iPhone 12 as a prize.

    Amazon shipping scam.
    Amazon shipping scam.

    Then you will have to enter banking details, such as your credit card number and CVC code to “buy” the iPhone 12 with $1.

    Amazon shipping scam.
    Amazon shipping scam.

    All the sensitive credentials you submit will end up in the scammers’ hands, and they can then steal your money as well as your identity!

    Amazon Survey Scam
    Besides Amazon shipping, other versions of online survey scams never cease to appear. Posing as Amazon, scammers reach out to you through text messages and prompt you to click on an attached phishing link. They use various excuses to fool you, such as rewards giveaway, raffles, or delivery confirmation.

    Here are some phony text messages from Amazon we have spotted this week:

    • Thank you for ordering at Amazon Howard! Here is your link: <URL> so you can schedule delivery of your products!
    • Amazon: Congratulations Robert, you came in 2nd in March’s Amazon pods raffle! Click the link to : <URL>
    • Amazon: your order has been SHIPPED to:,! Confirm delivery time: <URL>
    • Amazon: We thank you for your payment Lynn! <URL> 💳
    • Amazon: Congratulations Kelly, you came 1st in this week’s Amazon pods raffle! Click this link to : <URL>

    Again, you will be asked to conduct an online survey for a gift.

    Amazon survey scam.
    Amazon survey scam.

    Once you finish all the questions, you will have to provide payment details to “schedule for the delivery.”

    Amazon survey scam.
    Amazon survey scam.

    Now you know what will happen: scammers can record sensitive data and use it for other scams such as identity theft!

    How to Protect Yourself

    • Double-check the sender’s mobile number/email address.
    • Reach out to customer support directly for help. Check carefully if a celebrity is really doing giveaways before taking the bait.
    • Make an investment on legitimate platforms. Read more about how to avoid investment scams here.
    • NEVER click links or attachments from unknown sources. Use Trend Micro Check to detect scams with ease!

    Send a link or a screenshot of suspicious text messages to Trend Micro Check on WhatsApp for immediate scam detection:

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    It will block dangerous sites for you automatically:

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    Did you successfully spot the scams? Remember, always CHECK before your next move.

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