Spot the Scam: Johnson & Johnson Heartline Study, Apple, Best Buy, Amazon, Crocs, and MORE!

    Johnson & Johnson scams

    Join the Heartline Study by J&J in collaboration with AppIe!”, “Win a $1,000 Amazon gift card!” Check out the hot scams of the week and see how many of them you’ve spotted!

    Phishing Scams

    Phishing is when scammers pose as big recognizable companies and try their best to lure you into clicking on phishing links in text messages and emails.

    The scammers’ ultimate goal is to steal your personal information. The phishing links often lead to fake online survey pages that state you can claim a gift by completing an online questionnaire.

    Or, in other instances, the links take you to fake log-in pages impersonating various brands, featuring fake online application forms. These pages require you to submit log-in credentials, change your settings, or do whatever else the scammers have said that you need to do.

    Scammers can record all the credentials you enter on these pages and use them to commit cybercrimes. For example, they could hack into your account and withdraw your money, or even use your information to commit identity theft. Don’t let them!

    SMS Phishing Scams

    1. Johnson & Johnson / Apple Heartline Study Lottery Scam

    Recently we’ve seen a lot of phishing scams mentioning “the Heartline Study” targeting people 60 and older. Scammers pose as Johnson & Johnson and Apple and send text messages with phishing links:

    • Are you 60 years or older? Do you want $150 for participating in the Heartline Study, by Johnson & Johnson in collaboration with Apple. See if you qualify <URL>
    Spot the Scam_J and J _1203

    The links lead to a page that hosts a lottery campaign:

    Spot the Scam_Lottery_1203_1

    After you’ve spun the virtual fruit machine, you’re instructed to claim your gift (AirPods in this case) by entering your credit card details to schedule their delivery. Of course, it’s a scam!

    Spot the Scam_Lottery_1203_2

    2. iPhone 13 Survey Scam

    We’ve reported on it before, but scammers are continuing to claim that they are giving away free iPhone 13s. They prompt you to click on links leading to fake online survey pages:

    • Katie, we appreciate your honesty! This is what you earned by just being who you are. Thank us later! <URL>
    Spot the Scam_i13_1203

    3. Best Buy Black Friday Extension Scam

    Although it’s over, scammers are using Best Buy Black Friday “extension” sales, with the promise of cheap Apple iPad Pros as a ruse in their phishing scams:

    • black friday extensl0n! here’s your, appie-ipad-prov2 trkld**1p6c. last chance is today; <URL>

    Again, the attached link will take you to a phishing page that records your personal information:

    Spot the Scam_Best Buy_1203

    Email Phishing

    1. Amazon Gift Card Email Scam

    A lot of people have received this email from Amazon that says they can get an Amazon voucher by completing an online survey. Watch out!

    Spot the Scam_Amazon phishing_1203

    If you take the bait and click on the embedded button, you will be led to an online form featuring Squid Game, the famous Netflix series. Again, all the credentials you submit here will end up in scammers’ hands!

    Spot the Scam_squid game_1203

    3. Windows Registry “Pending Messages” Scam

    Got an email notifying you that you have pending messages? Don’t click on the button! If you take a closer look at the sender’s email address, you will notice that it doesn’t seem like an official one.

    Spot the Scam_Windows email_1203_1

    The button will take you to a phishing website that prompts you to submit login information. Now, you know what will happen – scammers can gain access to all these credentials!

    Spot the Scam_Windows email_1203_2

    Top Fake Online Shops

    Scammers create tens of thousands of fake online shops every day to try to exploit you, making it sometimes really hard to tell if an online shopping website is legitimate or not. Fake online shops don’t have standard processes regarding refunds and disputes. What’s worse, victims could end up having their personal information sold on underground online forums or the dark web.

    Last week many people were searching for these 2 fake websites. Don’t get scammed!

    #1 kenwebs[.]com

    Spot the Scam_Kenwebs_1203

    #2 Interyoyo[.]com

    This fake website features a lot of shoes from Hey Dude for 50% off, but be careful — this is not the official Hey Dude site (the web address should be heydude[.]com)!

    Spot the Scam_Interyoyo_1203

    Other Online Shopping Scams via Text Messages

    We noticed that scammers also use SMS to spread links to scam websites, pretending there are promotional campaigns:

    #1 Crocs

    • [[crocs] black friday is coming! up to 70% off everything! lowest price from 9.99usd! hxxps://www[.]crocvls[.]com/  reply stop unsubscribe

    Legitimate website: crocs[.]com

    Spot the Scam_Crocs_fake_1203

    Fake website: crocvls[.]com

    Spot the Scam_Crocs_real_1203

    #2 Maui Jim

    Watch out for this fake copycat designer sunglasses shop!

    • [maui jim] black friday is coming! up to 70% off everything! lowest price from 9.99usd! hxxps://www[.]maujmrsj[.]shop/ reply stop unsubscribe

    Legitimate website: mauijim[.]com

    Spot the Scam_Maui Jim_real_1203

    Fake website: maujmrsj[.]shop

    Spot the Scam_Maui Jim_fake_1203

    #3 Kendra Scott

    Looking to buy some Kendra Scott jewelry? Make sure you’re on the real website!

    • [kendra scott] black friday is coming! up to 70% off everything! lowest price from 9.99usd! hxxps://www[.]kendsjewelimk[.]store/ reply stop unsubscribe

    Legitimate website: kendrascott[.]com

    Spot the Scam_Kendra_real_1203

    Fake website: kendsjewelimk[.]store

    Spot the Scam_Kendra_fake_1203

    How to Protect Yourself

    • Double-check the sender’s mobile number/email address.
    • Free gifts or prizes are always a major red flag.
    • Reach out to an organization’s customer service directly for help and support.
    • NEVER click links or attachments from unknown sources. Use Trend Micro Check to detect scams with ease!

    1. After you’ve pinned the Trend Micro Check browser extension, it will block dangerous sites for you automatically:

    Spot the Scam_TMC_0730

    2. Send links or screenshots of suspicious text messages to Trend Micro Check on WhatsApp for immediate scam detection.

    Don’t forget to add an extra layer of protection to your device with Trend Micro Maximum Security! It includes Web Threat Protection, Ransomware Protection, Anti-phishing, and Anti-spam Protection to help you combat scams and cyberattacks. Click the button below to give it a try:

    Would you have been able to spot the scams? Remember, always CHECK before giving out personal information. If you found this article helpful or interesting, please SHARE it to help protect your friends and family!

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