Keto Blast and CBD Gummy Scams

    Keto Blast and CBD Gummy Scams

    Snake oil salesmen have been selling their “miracle cures” since long before the internet was even a dream. But the quack industry has skyrocketed in the age of digital communication, with infinite advertisements seemingly at the bottom of every webpage and in the headlines of every dodgy news site. This week we’ve found scams related to keto diet and CBD gummy supplements.

    Keto Blast Gummies Scam

    Scam Alert_Weight Loss Gummies Scam_20220808
    Scam Advertisements

    Consumers have been receiving SMS text messages containing phishing links. The advertised product is a gummy supplement that supposedly aids weight loss by promoting a ketogenic, fat-burning environment in the human body (keto diet). Of course, it is just the latest quack product that aims to make a profit out of people’s insecurities.

    SMS Content:

    • try these new gummies for just 7 days and family won’t recognize it’s you. stop exercises: reply end to unsubscribe
    • Test these new Gummies for just a week and folks won’t believe it’s you. No more exercises:

    Clicking the phishing link will take you to phishing page where your personal information will be harvesting, potentially leading to all kinds of threats — such as theft or identity fraud. If you want to lose weight, healthy exercise and a varied diet is the way to go. Fall for these gummies and the only thing you’ll lose is your money!

    CBD Gummies Scam

    Consumers have also been receiving similar phishing texts advertising CBD (cannabidiol) gummies. CBD is a chemical extract from the cannabis plant. While there’s a lot of exciting research into its medicinal effects — e.g., pain relief and depression — these gummies are likely fakes.

    Scam Alert_CBD Gummies Scam_20220808
    More Dubious Advertisements

    SMS Content:

    • breaking news alert, dr oz: [URL]
    • eat a free hemp gummy: [URL]

    Following the phishing links will likely result in compromising your personal details. There’s no guarantee you’ll receive the product — and even less that they will work. If you are interesting in CBD (and it’s legal in your area), it would be best to check with local health services and reputable, established companies.

    Shop Safe with Trend Micro Check

    • Always double-check reviews of shopping websites.
    • Pay attention to the company’s age, and be suspicious of great-sounding discounts.
    • Strange payment methods (such as only PayPal) is a red flag.
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