On Point Global Claim Form Is Legit!

    Is On Point Claim Form Legit? (Yes!)

    Have you recently been contacted regarding a lawsuit between the Federal Trade Commission and On Point Global? Perhaps you received an email or postcard and you’re not sure if it’s legit. Well, we’ve got good news for you — it is legit, and you could be entitled to your share of $17 million.

    on point claim form legit or scam_ onpoint global
    The On Point Global claim website — not a scam!

    On Point Global Lawsuit Explained

    In 2019, the FTC sued a company called On Point Global for operating over 200 bogus government websites that claimed to provide quick and easy government services, such as checking eligibility for government assistance programs and renewing a driver’s license.

    However, the websites didn’t provide any of the services advertised, but they still collected lots of personal data, including people’s age, gender, income, and credit or debit card number. Instead of using this data for the services claimed, On Point Global sold it to other companies.

    The FTC won the lawsuit, and the court has ordered On Point Global to pay up to $17 million to consumers who were harmed.

    How to Make an On Point Global Claim

    If you gave your information to On Point Global, you are eligible to receive payment. You need to file your claim on onpointclaimform.com by August 31, 2022. Please be aware that if you do not submit your claim before the deadline, you will not receive any money from the lawsuit.

    If you need any help submitting your claim, you can call 1-866-223-6288.

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