Is the Email Alert from “” Legit?

    Is the Email Alert from "security@facebookmail" Legit?
    Last Updated on March 17, 2023

    Facebook Security Email

    Security alerts are nothing new, but when everyone is receiving the same email script and request from a large company like Facebook, it’s natural to wonder if said email is legitimate or not. That’s been the case recently, with netizens looking to find out if the email from is just another phishing attempt.

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    Is “” Legit?

    The email “” is somewhat reminiscent of scam emails — particularly given that the imposed deadline is a favorite phishing attempt tactic. The good news is that it is indeed legitimate and comes straight from Facebook. It’s all part of Facebook’s new Facebook Protect policy, which aims to further protect accounts by utilizing mandatory 2FA and extensive account monitoring.

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    Facebook’s Head of Security, Nathaniel Gleicher, states:

    “Facebook Protect enables additional automated defenses from our systems to help protect these accounts. We apply increased detection for the types of compromised efforts that human rights defenders, journalists or government officials might face. It also flags these accounts in our internal systems. So we get a report about one of them or we see repeated targeting of one of them we know there could be more at stake.”

    For further information, you can also check out Facebook’s security help page:

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    How to Protect Yourself

    For further peace of mind, follow these two steps to confirm if emails are indeed from Facebook:

    • Go to your Facebook settings. Once there, click Security and Login > Advanced > See recent emails from Facebook. There, you will be able to match the message text (or not).
    • As for Gmail, you can see the original message by clicking the More icon (three dots next to “Reply”). Here you can see if the message passed the three Gmail tests designed to prevent spoofing.

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