Facebook Internet Tracking Settlement is Legit!


    Meta (formerly Facebook) has recently settled to the tune of $90 million in a class action lawsuit relating to improperly obtaining users’ data. People online have been wondering whether the settlement is even real or just fake news, as well as how they can get their share of the payment. If you want all the answers, keep on reading!

    What is the Facebook internet tracking settlement?

    The Facebook internet tracking settlement — officially known as In Re Facebook Internet Tracking Litigation, Case No. 5:12-MD-02314-EJD (N.D. California) — is a class action lawsuit that alleges that between April 22, 2010, and September 26, 2011, Facebook improperly obtained data from its users in the US. It is alleged that they did so on non-Facebook websites that displayed the Like button (the thumbs up). The lawsuit is 100% real and legitimate.

    Although Meta has denied it violated any laws, to avoid the costs and risks of a trial, it has agreed to pay $90 million, divided equally among all settlement class members.

    Am I included in the Facebook internet tracking settlement?

    If you believe that between April 22, 2010, and September 26, 2011, you browsed non-Facebook websites that displayed the Facebook Like button, you may be eligible to receive a share of the payment.

    To receive payment, you need to submit a claim form no later than September 22, 2022. Claim forms can either be submitted online or downloaded and mailed to the settlement administrator at Facebook Internet Tracking Litigation, c/o Administrator, 1650 Arch Street, Suite 2210, Philadelphia, PA 19103. If your claim is approved, you will receive your share of the payment.

    For more information regarding the lawsuit, click here.

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