Fake Windows 11 Upgrade Installs Malware & Steals Information


    Hackers have been tricking people into installing a fake malware-infected, information-stealing Windows 11 upgrade through clever manipulation of internet search results.

    Windows 11 fake upgrade explained

    Hackers have created a near carbon copy of the Microsoft website but infected it with malicious software. When people search “Windows 11 upgrade” or something similar, it’s possible that one of the results high up on the list is the hackers’ nefarious website.

    The fake Microsoft website. Source: Bleeping Computer

    Once they are on the website, if a victim were to click the “DOWNLOAD NOW” button, instead of the legitimate Windows 11 upgrade, they would download a malware application specifically designed to steal their web browser data and cryptocurrency wallet information.

    This malware is capable of stealing information from many different web browsers, including Chrome, Edge, Opera, and lots more.

    If you’re interested in learning all the technical information about this malware and how it’s able to stealthily steal so much sensitive information, check out Bleeping Computer’s post here.

    How to stay protected

    Trend Micro Check can protect you against malicious websites such as the one mentioned in this post by alerting you to the fact that things are not as they seem well before you’re able to download anything dangerous. If you want a worry-free, 100% secure internet experience, download Trend Micro Check (for FREE!) today.

    Looking to upgrade to Windows 11?

    If you want to upgrade your computer to Windows 11, you can do so through Windows Update or by downloading the upgrade from Microsoft’s official website. To see if your computer is ready to install Windows 11, select Start Settings Update & Security > Windows Update > Check for updates. However, please note that your computer will need to meet the minimum system requirements for Windows 11. Click here to learn if your computer can upgrade to Windows 11.

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