[Scam Alert] COVID-19 Variant: Fake NHS “Free Omicron PCR Test” Phishing Email

    NHS Omicron scam

    Have you received an email from National Health Service (NHS) saying “Get Your Free Omicron PCR test today to avoid restrictions”? Don’t click on anything!

    How the scam unfolds

    We’ve reported on NHS phishing text messages before. In that scam, the scammers attached a phishing link to their messages and prompted people to click on it to apply for fake vaccination passports online. This time, however, they’re using the fear of the new COVID-19 variant — Omicron — to try to hook you in.

    Posing as the NHS, scammers describe how horrible the Omicron virus can be and ask you to order your Omicron PCR test, threatening that if you decline the test, it will potentially be harmful to your loved ones. Here’s an example from Meaghan Kall, an epidemiologist from the UK, that she shared on Twitter:

    NHS_Omicron scams_Twitter case_1209

    Scam content

    Get Your Free Omicron PCR today to avoid restrictions NHS scientists have warned that the new Covid variant Omicron spreads rapidly, can be transmitted between fully vaccinated people, and makes jabs less effective.However, as the new covid variant(Omicron)has quickly become apparent, we have had to make new test kits as the new variant appears dormant in the original test kits. What happen if you decline a COVID-19 Omicron test? In this situation, we warned that testing is in the best interests of themselves, friends, and family. People who do not consent or cannot agree to a COVID-19 test and refuse to undergo a swab must be isolated. How to request a Free Omicron PCR test? You can order your Omicorn pcr test via NHS portal by clicking the link below: nhs-order-pcr / COVID-10-omicron-research / What happen if you aew positive? If positive, they must isolate for 10 days and should be reported to Public Health England.

    The scammers then instruct you to click on a hyperlink or embedded button in the email. You will be taken to a fake NHS log-in page where you have to submit personal credentials and also credit card details for the delivery of the testing kit.

    Source: Which?

    Any data entered will end up in the scammers’ hands, and they can use it for identity theft. Don’t fall for it!

    How to protect yourself

    • Double-check the sender’s email address.
    • Take a closer look at the web address. Reach out to the government’s/organization’s official website directly to apply for any program.
    • NEVER click on links or attachments from unknown sources. Use Trend Micro Check combat scams with ease! (It’s 100% FREE).
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