Twitch Confirms Huge Data Leak — Streamer Earnings and Source Code Leaked

    Twitch data breach

    On Wednesday, the Amazon-owned video live streaming service Twitch confirmed it has suffered a data leak.

    Earlier in the day, a hacker posted a file containing over 100GBs of sensitive Twitch data to the anonymous online forum 4chan. According to the hacker, the stolen data includes:

    • Streamer earnings from 2019 onwards.
    • A huge amount of source code dating back to the very beginnings of Twitch.
    • Proprietary internal development tools.
    • Information relating to other Twitch-owned properties including IGDB and CurseForge.
    • Plans for an unreleased competitor to Steam.
    Twitch Confirms Huge Data Leak
    Source: Twitter

    Although the leak is still very recent, as evidence is building, more and more of the data is being confirmed as real. If things keep going the way they are, it will almost certainly be the biggest leak of its type ever seen — whereby effectively all of an entire company’s most valuable data is available online.

    What makes this leak different from many others of its kind, is the fact that the hacker posted the data on the internet and made it freely available. Conventionally with leaks of this size, hackers will post a small sample of the leaked data and place the full collection up for sale on either an underground hacker forum or the dark web, as was the case in the recent T-Mobile and LinkedIn data leakes.

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    It also appears that encrypted passwords may have been leaked, and with the hacker stating that what has been released up until now is only part one, more passwords and other user data may be leaked in the future. As a precaution, it is strongly recommended that you change your Twitch password and set up two-factor authentication, if you haven’t already.

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