[Scam Alert] T-Mobile $100 Free Gift Scam

    T-Mobile Confirms Data Leak Potentially Affecting Over 100 Million Customers (Updated: Aug 2022)

    Got a text with a link from T-Mobile that says you can get a $100 free item by doing an online survey? Don’t click on it. It’s a SCAM!

    Posing as T-Mobile, scammers are falsely claiming that you have been affected by a “phone outage” — and are now awarding you with a $100 gift as compensation.

    If you follow the instruction and click on the link, you will be taken to a phishing page and have your personal information leaked to scammers. They can thus use your credentials for identity theft!

    Scam Alert_TMobile_1007
    Source: Reddit

    Content: We apologize for the tempoary phone outage yesterday. You were one of the 25,000 affected clients. In return we ore providing you with a $100 FREE GIFT! Please take this brief 30 second survey about Tmobile and we’ll offer you a $100 free item.

    How to Avoid T-Mobile Free Gift Scams

    • Double check the sender’s phone number and watch for red flags, e.g. spelling mistakes or URLs that don’t look like official ones.
    • Turn to T-Mobile’s customer service directly for help to check if the offer is legitimate.
    • Delete fishy text messages right away.
    • NEVER click on unknown links or attachments! Use Trend Micro Check to detect scams with ease:

    After you’ve pinned the Trend Micro Check browser extension, it will block dangerous sites for you automatically.

    Send links or screenshots of suspicious text messages to Trend Micro Check on WhatsApp for immediate scam detection.

    Spot the Scam_TMC_0730

    Also try Trend Micro Maximum Security to add an extra layer of protection! It provides Web Threat Protection, Ransomware Protection, Anti-phishing, and Anti-spam Protection to secure your endpoint security. Click the button below to give it a try:

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