10 Tips to Create Stronger Passwords 2023

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    Last Updated on April 24, 2023

    Visiting some websites may need you to sign up and register your own account so you can access their pages. Aside from using your Google or Facebook account, they need you to create one with your email address with a unique password.

    One common mistake among users is they constantly use the same password for all their accounts. A Google survey found that at least 65% of people reuse passwords across multiple, if not all, sites! So, if one of their account gets leaked, their other accounts may also be affected.

    10 tips and tricks in creating strong passwords.

    1. DO NOT USE letters and numbers in sequence (examples are qwerty, abcde, 12345, asdf). Sometimes we have a mental mechanism that we use what’s readily available.
    2. NEVER use your birthdate. We know it is easy to remember, but it will also be easy for others to crack your password, especially if your birthdate information is available online.
    3. COMBINE letters, numbers and symbols that at least has eight characters. Having different combinations will make your password tougher to crack.
    4. REFRAIN using your name. Some websites have this kind of catch error to prevent you from using a part of your name as your password.( “Eva” and “Alex” are the most common names in passwords.)
    5. LESSEN using any of your related information. Cyber thieves can easily check these details online.  Steer clear using your family members’ name and birthday, pet name, address or hobbies.
    6. AVOID using common passwords. Such abused ones are P@$$w0rd, password, 1234567890, ioveyou, etc.
    7. STOP reusing your passwords. Every time you create a new password, do not use previously used and similar passwords from other accounts.
    8. STRONGER passwords can also be a long passphrase where you combine multiple words into a long string of at least 15 characters (ex: correcthorsebatterystaple, randommousebottlepickle).
    9. REFRAIN from changing just one digit whenever you update your password every 60-90 days. (ex: MyG@laxyPassw0rd01, MyG@laxyPassw0rd02, MyG@laxyPassw0rd03)
    10. USE a Password Generator and a password manager. Do not store them in notepads and sticky notes.

    A recent survey found that 91% of respondents claim to understand the risks of reusing pass-words across multiple accounts, but 59% admitted to doing it anyway. This is why compromised passwords are responsible for 81% of hacking-related leaks, according to the Verizon Data Leak Investigations Report.

    Your password choices are your first line of defense against hacks and cyberattacks. It is up to you if you want your account to be easily compromised or securely protected. Create a best guard to strengthen your passwords.

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