[Scam Alert] Fake IRS Economic Impact Payments Email

    Economic Impact Payment IRS

    Did you receive the third round of Economic Impact Payments from the IRS? If you are still expecting the money, please be extra careful and do not click on anything when you receive emails from the IRS – they are scams!

    Scammers impersonate the IRS and send you emails, claiming that your third round of COVID-19 Economic Impact Payments is available. They prompt you to claim the payment via a button embedded in the email. Do not fall for it!

    If you click on the button in the fake email, you will be taken to a fake IRS page (phishing page) and asked to enter login information. Scammers can record the credentials you submit and use them for identity theft. Or, in a worse situation, malware will start to download once you click!

    Fake IRS email. Source: Reddit


    Case-Customer#628.docx DOCX-456 B S IRS
    Third Round of Economic Impact Payments Status Available
    After the last annual calculations of your fiscal activity we have determined that you are eligible to receive a payment of S815.05.
    Each week we’re sending the third payments to eligible individuals as we continue to process tax returns Payments are sent by direct deposit or mail as a check or debit card.
    Claim my payment
    Note : For securin’ reasons, we will record your ip-address: the date and time Deliberate wrong inputs are criminally pursued and indicated.
    Sincerely, Internal Revenue Service.
    The IRS is working with federal agencies to get updated information for recipients to ensure we are sending automatic payments to as many people as possible. More information about when these payments will be made is provided in the news release issued on March 30, 2021.

    How to protect yourself?

    First you should be aware that the IRS does not contact you to request personal or financial information via emails. Here are other safety tips for you (adapted from the IRS’s suggestions):

    • Requests for “verification” of payment details are a major red flag. Do not share your financial credentials like bank account online or over the phone
    • Hang up if you receive a scam phone call.
    • If you receive a “check” in the mail that requires that you verify the check online or by calling a number, it’s a SCAM.
    • Delete any texts or emails claiming that you can get your payment via unknown links are SCAM. Don’t click on any links!
    • If you want to confirm details of you status, please refer to the IRS official website instead of clicking on links in the emails.
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