Watch Out for These 2 Scams Targeting Tokyo Olympics 2020

    Olympic games scam

    Many have been focusing on the Tokyo Olympics since it started on July 23rd. Be careful as scammers are also aiming at your wallet – with deliberately designed Olympic scams. Take a look at the 2 viral scams regarding the Tokyo Olympics 2020 and learn how to protect yourself:

    Olympic ticket scams

    Due to the pandemic, many people have to refund their tickets to the Tokyo Olympics 2020. Yet, suppose you have bought tickets via some non-official tickets service websites. In that case, there is no guarantee regarding refunds or other disputes. For example, customers have complained that they cannot get a refund from the website

    Fake Olympics ticket website.
    Fake Olympic ticket website.

    Fake online streaming service

    Are you looking to watch live streams of the exciting Olympic games? Be smart when choosing legitimate online streaming services! We have detected many dangerous websites that claim to offer free sports game streaming. Here are some examples:

    Fake Olympic online streaming service.
    Fake Olympics online streaming service.
    Fake Olympic online streaming service.

    These websites may look different, but the tactics behind the scam are similar. First, you have to register for the free online streaming service. Once you hit the “register” button, it will take you to other scam pages, including:

    • Fake news sites hosting bogus investment / cryptocurrency opportunities.
    Fake Olympic virtual currency website.
    Fake Olympic virtual currency website.
    • Fake dating sites containing explicit content and malicious browser notification pop-ups.
    Dangerous dating website.
    Dangerous dating website.
    • Fake online survey pages asking for your personal information.
    Fake online survey page.
    Fake online survey page.

    In short, scammers convince you to apply for the free Olympic games streaming, but what they want is to direct you to scam sites and steal from you there – your money or your identity. They can record the sensitive data you enter and use it to take control over your bank accounts or transfer all your money away. They can even create more carefully planned, convincing scams based on these credentials.

    Other scam URLs to watch out for:


    How to stay safe when you enjoy Tokyo Olympics 2020?

    • Watch the Olympic games via trustful, legitimate platforms.
    • Think twice before sending your personal data.
    • Don’t click on links from unknown resources. Use Trend Micro Check for online safety on the go!
      1. Trend Micro Check browser extension
      After you pin the Trend Micro Check browser extension, it will block dangerous sites for you automatically:
    Trend Micro Check will block dangerous pages for you automatically.
    Trend Micro Check will block dangerous pages for you automatically.

    2. Trend Micro Check on WhatsApp
    Send a link of the website before your visit to Trend Micro Check on WhatsApp for immediate scam detection:

    Use Trend Micro Check for immediate scam detection.
    Use Trend Micro Check for immediate scam detection.

    Or download Trend Micro Maximum Security for a broader range of protection, including Web Threat Protection, Ransomware Protection, Anti-phishing and Anti-spam Protection, Privacy Scanner for Facebook and Twitter, Social Networking Protection, and Parental Controls. Click the button below to give it a try:

    Don’t let scammers ruin the fun watching this worldwide event. If you found this article helpful, please SHARE to protect your family and friends!

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