ParkMobile Data Leak: Why you should be concerned?

    ParkMobile Data Breach Alert

    About a month ago, more than 21 million ParkMobile customers’ private data were found on a hacking forum. If you have not heard of this, ParkMobile is a popular mobile parking app in North America, which helps users find parking and pay for its fees.

    The stolen data includes license plate numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, and vehicle nicknames associated to the users. In some of the cases, mailing addresses were also revealed, which was mentioned in the ParkMobile security notification.

    ParkMobile already issued a security notification regarding this incident. The message stated that one of their services was hacked and unauthorized people gained access to their customers’ data.

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    If you’re a ParkMobile user, what should you be concerned about?

    Stolen information can be used to launch targeted attack to specific users.

    Affected ParkMobile customers might receive phishing emails or SMS texts (smishing) that will try to obtain more sensitive information.

    It is highly recommended that you change your password immediately. Since both the email and passwords were leaked, they can be used by hackers to log in your online account. This is extremely risky, since many people have the habit of using the same password across their online and social media accounts. If you are one of these people, please make sure to update your password and avoid using the same password for all your accounts.

    How Trend Micro Can Help

    Use Trend Micro™ ID Security to find out if your information was leaked in a data leak. It can monitor your identifying data and alert you if any of them has been compromised.

    Trend Micro™ ID Security includes:

    • Email Checker: Monitors whether your email account has been involved in a leak
    • Credit Card Checker: Finds out if someone has stolen your credit card number due to a leak
    • Password Checker: Verifies if you have used a password currently in circulation on the Dark Web
    • Dark Web Personal Data Monitor: Scours the Dark Web for sensitive personal data like information of your bank account numbers, driver’s license data, social security number, and passport details

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