Facebook Data Leak: What You Need to Know

Facebook Data Breach
Facebook Data Leak

Stolen Facebook data that first appeared on a hacking forum in early 2020 has once again hit the news. Personal information of 533 million Facebook users, including names, locations, mobile numbers, dates of birth, and email addresses can be found on hacking forums, open to anyone.

What you should know

Some attacks that can be attempted using this leaked information include:

  • Phishing attacks, using email addresses.      
  • SIM swap attacks, which use phone numbers to access multi-factor authentication codes.
  • Smishing attacks, which also use phone numbers.
    Information like birth dates and locations can also be used to answer security questions and get into accounts.

How to find out if your information was leaked

Use Trend Micro™ ID Security to check if your information was leaked in the Facebook data leak.

Trend Micro ID Security can monitor your personal data and alert you if any of your data is being sold or distributed by cybercriminals.

Trend Micro ID Security includes:

  • Dark Web Personal Data Manager
  • Credit Card Checker
  • Email Checker
  • Password Checker

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