[Scam Alert] “Sovereign Wallet” Cryptocurrency Scam on Reddit

    Did you receive messages that invite you to “test the transaction speeds and network efficiency” of a cryptocurrency network? Be careful. It’s a scam!

    Scammers are reaching out to people on Reddit, claiming that they represent Sovereign Wallet Network. They say they are seeking people to help optimize their platform by sending Bitcoin or Ethereum, and the participants can receive a 115% of the amount they’ve sent back as a reward.

    While the deal may seem irresistible, it is risky to send money to strangers online. There’s no guarantee when it comes to dispute, return, or refund. Don’t fall for this cryptocurrency scam!


    Cryptocurrency scam on Reddit.
    Cryptocurrency scam on Reddit.

    Sovereign Wallet research
    u/SovereignWalletStudy • 1d
    Hi, I represent Sovereign Wallet Network. Sovereign Wallet & MUI Meta-Blockchain will bring the popularization of cryptocurrency and the Self-Sovereign Finance Era. We are at the stage of completing the project for creating the crypto Metablock Exchange. As part of this process we require people to help test our wallet transaction speeds and network efficiency. As an incentive we are offering willing participants a chance to send us crypto and we will return it with a 15% bonus and cover all network fees. After we receive your transaction you will receive back the original amount we received plus 15% as our thanks for participating in the optimization of our platform. At this stage we are only accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum. DO NOT send more than one transaction, this is a one time offer and you may only participate once with Bitcoin and once with Ethereum. Bitcoin Wallet address: bc1q7v9tdp8qw3wk9ym2a058k776ur88kgac48lfxc Ethereum Wallet address: 0x37F63260c1870c47c6d74e23b416c8784a5Cb3c8 Thank you to all of our participants.

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