Keep Your Online Transactions Secure with Trend Micro Security’s Pay Guard Browser

    Nowadays, online transactions are often under threat from malware and browser injections that would steal your identity data or your money as you log in to your favorite banking, financial, or commercial accounts. Trend Micro’s new Pay Guard Browser, available with all three 2019 PC editions of Trend Micro Security, is specifically designed to secure and keep your data private by automatically providing a “hardened browser” for all your online transactions.

    Pay Guard works by eliminating any vulnerabilities or third-party extensions in your default PC browser—whether Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. It then applies Trend Micro’s famous Trend Micro Toolbar to maximize your protection from cybercriminals who want to steal your credentials. Users can then also deploy Trend Micro Password Manager in Pay Guard Browser to further ensure that you only use strong, encrypted passwords when conducting transactions in your online accounts.

    Password Manager

    Trend Micro Security’s Pay Guard Browser is easy-to-use, fast and secure—so you never have to worry about threats when banking or shopping online. For more information or to download and buy Trend Micro Security, go to the Trend Micro Security Products Overview page.

    For those of you who’d like to use Trend Micro Password Manager with Pay Guard, note that Password Manager is automatically installed with Trend Micro Maximum Security. Others can go to the Trend Micro Password Manager page for more information, or to download a Trial or buy the program.

    Watch our YouTube video How to Use Trend Micro Pay Guard for instructions on how to use it with Trend Micro Security’s Toolbar and Password Manager.

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