Solving the Problem of How to Manage So Many Passwords

    Remember passwords
    Remember passwords

    By Richard Medugno
    If you’re like me, one of the biggest challenges with having a very active digital lifestyle is trying to stay safe whenever and wherever I go online. As an employee of one of the leading security software companies in the world, you can imagine my embarrassment if I were to fall victim to any one of the numerous threats out there in cyberspace.

    One of the most important precautions we tell folks to take is to have multiple, unique login IDs and passwords for their web accounts. The reason for this is straightforward: if one account happens to be hacked, say Facebook, other accounts such as your online bank account won’t be easily compromised because you have a different ID name and password for it.

    The problem is trying to remember all the different passwords and IDs

    This is obviously great advice, but the problem I have is trying to remember all the different passwords and IDs for all my Internet accounts. Many people resort to writing their credentials down and keeping them next to their computer. Obviously, this is not a terribly secure method of protecting the virtual keys to your digital kingdom.

    Another issue many folks like me have is the multiple devices available to access our online accounts. I have a work laptop, a home PC desktop, and a smartphone. I want and need to access my stuff on all of them, depending on what device I’m using and where I’m located.  Again, it’s painful to remember my passwords and IDs when I’m on the road or away from my home PC, next to which I keep many yellow sticky notes where I have written hints to my passwords.

    So imagine my excitement when Trend Micro announced our newest consumer product – Trend Micro Password Manager

    Designed to organize and manage passwords, Trend Micro Password Manager provides you with a fast and efficient way to manage your online activity, while offering extra security measures to keep your credentials safe. And it uses cloud technology to synchronize online credentials across multiple devices, allowing you to experience the benefits of Trend Micro Password Manager anytime, anywhere.

    Trend Micro Password Manager features include:

    Password Management

    • Manage all passwords and login IDs in one secure location
    • Seamlessly login to web sites without the need to re-enter credentials – users only have to remember one password
    • Automatically fill personal information into web forms accurately and safely

    Online Security

    • A Secure Browser for banking or financial websites
    • Mitigation against keylogging malware
    • A text-entry feature to store private information that is completely protected

    Sync & Access

    • Synchronize online credentials across multiple devices (PCs, mobile phones and tablets)
    • Leverage the security and convenience of DirectPass from anywhere, on any device with a secure Internet connection

    Identity theft continues to be a significant issue for many – in the US in 2011, nearly 12 million people had their identities stolen. Trend Micro Password Manager lets you seamlessly manage your online credentials safely and efficiently, and prevent information from falling into the wrong hands. With Trend Micro Password Manager, you can go online with confidence.

    Download Trend Micro Password Manager today and start enjoying online peace of mind.

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