Online Storage—A Godsend for Sentimental Pack Rats

    Here’s something even my family members and closest friends don’t know about me: I’m a sentimental pack rat. Example: I’ve got my first love letters and high school assignments from the last century all rubber-banded together and tucked away in crumbling cardboard boxes in my garage.

    I’ve tried to throw stuff like this away for years, but I can’t seem to part with it. Now, please don’t confuse me with the nut-jobs on those hoarder TV shows whose homes are over-flowing with dirty pizza boxes. I pretty much only keep paperwork, photos, books, small tokens and memorabilia.

    Besides it taking up space in my garage, the biggest problem with keeping all this historic stuff is that it’s hard to access when I want to show someone (usually my bored kids) – as a way of embellishing a story or validating an almost unbelievable claim.

    Now, as a writer in the digital age, you can image I have a lot of electronic copies of my work scattered about on CDs, thumb drives, and multiple computer hard drives. Imagine the amount of time I have to spend searching for my “masterpieces” (photos, articles, stories, scripts, jokes, or correspondence) that I’ve written or received over the past dozen years or more.

    Now, imagine my delight with getting Trend Micro Maximum Security and knowing that one of its cool add-on features is a 10 gigabyte Trend Micro™ SafeSync™ account. SafeSync is an online storage service that lets me protect my masterpieces by storing backup copies in “the cloud.” It also gives me access to my stuff from anywhere, as well as the ability to share it with anyone. 

    In addition to keeping my files safe, SafeSync makes it easy to access and share them. Now, one of the coolest things it does is keep all my data synchronized on my Internet devices. So if I write a masterpiece at home on my PC, I can pull it down from SafeSync when I’m in the office and edit on my work laptop. But I only do this when I’m on short breaks and during lunch hour only, of course. (Gotta be careful. I think my supervisors read this blog…) Then when I’m done, the file will be updated and synched.

    If I wanted to, I could pull this same document on to my smartphone and edit it while waiting at the dentist’s office. Again when I save it, it will be synchronized with all the same-titled files on my home PC or my work laptop.

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