How to Browse the Web Without Being Tracked

    browse the web without being tracked

    There are plenty of legitimate reasons why a responsible person might want to browse various websites without leaving a trail of evidence (cookies) in her wake, and none of them have to do with looking at anything racy.

    Private browsing allows a person to shop for a holiday or anniversary or birthday gift without resident snoops tracking which sites have been frequented.  But it also, and very importantly, ensures your privacy (and your kid’s privacy) online.

    Most browsers have native privacy settings that will help you protect yourself online, though they depend on manually setting up private browser settings with each session. Here are a few popular Internet browsers and their privacy options that provide a good start in protecting your privacy while browsing.

    • Internet Explorer InPrivate prevents IE from storing cookies, temporary internet files, browsing history, and data, but it also disables Toolbars and other tools you might use regularly in your searches.
    • Google ChromeIncognito deletes all cookies after you close any incognito windows, and web pages and files that you download aren’t recorded in your browsing and download history.
    • Firefox – The Private Browsing option is only available in Firefox 3.5 and higher and keeps Firefox from storing any new passwords you create, the history of sites visited, cookies, and form entries.

    Trend Micro Internet Security offers powerful and comprehensive privacy protection regardless of which Internet browser you use. Coupled with the built-in privacy settings on your browser, you can safeguard your Internet privacy, insure your data isn’t saved onto web forms, and protect your family’s identify online.

    If you aren’t sure which Trend Micro product suits your family’s privacy needs, you can use this comparison chart to see which level of protection works best for your world.

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