Coles and Bunnings Scams: Top SMS Scams for month of June

    In June we blocked 182, 978 SMS scams across Australia and New Zealand, with the top scam types being shopping and unexpected money scams. Read on to get all the details on the scams and our top tips on how to stay safe.

    #1 Coles Points Scams

    Scammers are now impersonating Coles, claiming that your Coles points are expiring and urging you to redeem them through a fraudulent link. To protect yourself, remember that pressure and urgency are common signs of a scam. Additionally, be wary of URLs that do not match official web addresses. Always verify the legitimacy of any message by checking the official Coles website, app, or contacting their customer service directly. Coles has confirmed that they will never request personal or banking details in unsolicited communications.

    #2 Bunnings Points Expiration Scams

    Like the Coles scam, fraudsters are now targeting Bunnings customers. They send messages claiming your Bunnings points are expiring soon, prompting you to redeem them via a suspicious link. Bunnings will never ask for personal information, require immediate action through SMS, ask you to fill out customer satisfaction surveys with personal details, or notify you about claiming a prize via SMS. Always verify any unexpected messages by logging into your Bunnings account through the official website or app.

    #3 Unexpected Money Scams

    We’ve noticed an increase in fraudulent messages promising financial compensation, lucrative prize winnings, lotteries, and even tax rebates. These scams often fabricate scenarios where you are supposedly owed money from an inheritance or compensation. Likewise, lottery and prize-winning scammers claim you’ve won a believable amount of money, making their schemes more convincing. Remember, legitimate companies will never notify you of winnings, compensation, or rebates solely via SMS. Always verify claims through official websites, portals, and other reliable sources

    Want to learn more about each scam?

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    3# Learn More about Unexpected Money Scams

    Tips to Stay Safe Online:

    • Double-check the sender’s mobile number and email address. Even if it seems legitimate, think twice before taking any action.
    • Reach out to the company’s customer service directly for help and support.
    • Never click on dubious links or attachments! Stick to official websites and apps.
    • If you’ve accidentally revealed private information, change your passwords immediately and inform the companies that scammers may contact pretending to be you.

    You can check if your private information has been leaked and secure your social media accounts using Trend Micro ID Protection Advanced here.

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