2023 Was a Record Year for Cyber Threats

    The latest Trend Micro threat report has been released revealing that 2023 was a record year for cyber threats with a 10% increase in total threats blocked in 2023, with a warning that attackers are using more advanced methods to target fewer victims with the potential for higher financial gains.

    Globally we blocked 161 billion threats overall in 2023, compared to 82 billion threats five years ago. In the past year threats blocked by email and web reputation dropped by 47% and 2%, respectively. Mobile threats (-2%), and Smart Home Network threats (-12%), also declined. However, there was a 35% increase in malicious files blocked.

    This could indicate that cyber criminals are choosing their targets more carefully. Instead of launching attacks on a wider range of users and relying on victims clicking on malicious links in websites and emails, they’re targeting a smaller number of higher-profile victims with more sophisticated attacks. This might enable them to bypass early detection layers like network and email filters—which could explain the surge in malicious file detection’s at endpoints.

    What’s it look like in Australia and New Zealand?

    In Australia:

    • 175.9 million email threats blocked
    • 52.8 million malicious URLs blocked (8th in the world)
    • 153.2 million malware detection’s (10th in world)
    • 444,000 malicious/high risks apps blocked (5th in the world)
    • 85 smart home attacks per household

    In New Zealand

    • 10.2 million email threats blocked
    • 21.7 million malicious URLs blocked
    • 20.3 million malware detection’s
    • 88,000 malicious/high risks apps blocked
    • 99 smart home attacks per household

    How can I stay safe?

    • Choose strong passwords and enable multi-factor authentication
    • Ensure your devices software and operating systems are updated
    • Think before you click. Don’t click on anything that looks suspicious and don’t open unknown files
    • Back up your data regularly
    • Use an internet security product such as Device Security to help protect your data and devices.
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