Pennsylvania (PA) Turnpike Toll Scam

    Pennsylvania (PA) Turnpike Toll Scam

    Back in March we reported on a toll road payment scam affecting people based in and around New York. Now it appears a similar scam is making the rounds, this time affecting residents of Pennsylvania (PA). Netizens have reported receiving text messages from scammers, containing a bogus alert and instructions to pay an overdue charge or face penalties.

    PA Turnpike Toll Scam: Turnpiketollservices[.]com

    PA turnpike toll service scam
    Example PA Turnpike toll scam text message*

    The scam begins with text messages notifying individuals of a fake $12.51 debt in unpaid tolls to the Pennsylvania turnpike authorities. In order to evade $50 in late fees, the messages include a link to turnpiketollservices[.]com for settling the outstanding amount. The fraudulent website uses recognizable PA turnpike branding, logos, and design, to create an air of legitimacy. However, it is not associated with the authentic PA turnpike authorities and is operated by scammers.

    PA turnpike toll service scam_official announcement
    Source: X/Twitter

    How PA Turnpike Toll Scam Works

    If you follow the scammers’ lead and go to their phishing website, you will be asked to input personal and financial information. If you provide this sensitive info, your financial life will be in their hands. Upon users’ submission of information, the scammers acquire the necessary data to engage in widespread financial fraud and identity theft. They can swiftly exploit stolen credit cards, establish new fraudulent accounts, file bogus tax returns, and perpetrate various crimes using victims’ identities.

    Best advice, if you receive a payment demand supposedly from an official body, then get in touch with that body directly. And generally speaking, if you’re not expecting a charge, it’s probably suspicious.

    PA turnpike toll sca,
    Users on Reddit, warning about the scam

    * Message text: “PA Turnpike toll services: We’ve noticed an outstanding toll amount of $12.51 on your record. To avoid a late fee of $50.00, visit https://turnpiketollservices[.]com to settle your balance.”

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