SocialOasis Review

    SocialOasis Review

    Recently there has been lots of discussion online about a website called SocialOasis (www.socialoasis[.]co). The site claims that users can earn money by completing tasks, earning rewards, referring friends, and even simply signing up, but is it to be trusted? Keep on reading for the full lowdown.

    SocialOasis review

    The SocialOasis website states that users can “unlock unlimited earning potential.” However, there’s recently been an uptick in people searching the web for things like “socialoasis scam”, “social oasis reviews” and “is social oasis legit“, so it’s clear that many people are at least somewhat suspicious of the site’s legitimacy. But should they be?


    Well, anti-scam website ScamAdviser believes that the site may not be safe to use, giving it the lowest Trustscore rating possible: just 1 out of 100. According to ScamAdviser, www.socialoasis[.]co’s negative highlights are:

    Socialoasis on Scamadviser
    Source: ScamAdviser

    Despite its bottom-of-the-barrel Trustscore, ScamAdviser does see some positives when it comes to the site’s safety, which are the following:

    Source: ScamAdviser

    SocialOasis on social media

    If you’re a regular Twitter user, chances are it was there that you first heard about SocialOasis. Lots of people have been posting about it and sharing their referral links as of late. Below are some examples of such posts.

    SocialOasis Twitter promo
    SocialOasis Twitter promo (1/2)
    SocialOasis Twitter promo
    SocialOasis Twitter promo (2/2)

    However, not everyone on Twitter believes SocialOasis is trustworthy. A search for “social oasis scam” on the platform returns Tweets warning people about it, like the one in the screenshot below that says the site doesn’t do what it promises.

    SocialOasis scam comment Twitter

    How to detect scam sites for FREE

    So, when it comes to deciding whether it’s safe to use SocialOasis or not, what’s the verdict?  Well, although lots of people are Tweeting positively about it, our 100% free browser extension (Trend Micro ID Protection ) and free mobile app (Trend Micro Check) categorize the site as a scam.

    The truth is, there are lots of scams and scam sites on the internet and they’re getting even more difficult to detect with common sense alone. If you want free, no-nonsense protection against scams, phishing links, dangerous websites, and lots more, you’ll want to check out both ID Protection  and Trend Micro Check !

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