Independent Living Systems Data Breach: What You Need to Know & How to Protect Yourself

    Independent Living Systems Data Breach: What You Need to Know & How to Protect Yourself

    Independent Living Systems Data Breach

    A large data breach has occurred at Independent Living Systems (ILS), resulting in the potential exposure of their customers’ personal information. This breach pertains to users who receive ILS services at home, and it’s essential to grasp the impact of this breach and take necessary precautions to protect yourself. 

    Independent Living Systems Data Breach

    What Happened? 

    Between June 30 and July 5, 2022, Independent Living Systems (ILS) suffered a data breach that resulted in the exposure of personal information belonging to over 4 million (4,226,508) individuals. The exploitation of ILS systems by threat actors led to the compromising of sensitive data, such as full names, Social Security numbers, medical and health insurance details, and tax identification numbers. 

    ILS detected the network intrusion on July 5, 2022, and reported the incident to the FBI and other authorities. Currently, the company is facing five class-action lawsuits as a result of the breach.

    What Is the Risk and Impact of Independent Living Systems Data Breach? 

    The ILS data breach could have a severe impact on users, as their personal information may have been exposed. This puts them at risk of identity theft and other fraudulent activities. To stay safe, it’s essential to keep a close eye on credit reports and bank accounts to detect any suspicious activity as early as possible. 

    How Can I Do if I Become Affected by the Breach? 

    If you’re a victim of the Independent Living Systems data breach, swift action is needed to mitigate any potential harm. Take these steps now: 

    • Change your passwords for all online accounts that have the same password as your ILS account.
    •  Keep a close watch on your bank accounts and credit reports for any suspicious activity. 
    • Alert financial institutions immediately if you detect any unauthorized transactions or suspicious activity. 

    Being vigilant and taking proactive measures can help protect you from the serious consequences of identity theft and other fraudulent activities. 

    How Can I Prevent Being a Victim? 

    It’s no secret that big company breaches are a challenge to prevent and control, as hackers will always be drawn to these lucrative targets. Nonetheless, as individuals, we can still take preventative measures to protect our accounts even in the event of a breach. Here are some steps to consider: 

    • Implement strong passwords and enable two-factor authentication: Use unique and robust passwords for all of your online accounts and enable 2FA. This adds an extra layer of protection against cybercriminals who have obtained your password. 
    • Exercise caution with phishing scams: Phishing is a common tactic used by cybercriminals to steal sensitive information. Be cautious of suspicious emails, text messages, or phone calls, and avoid clicking on links or downloading attachments from unknown sources. 
    • Minimize the amount of personal information you share online: Be careful about sharing personal information on social media platforms. Avoid oversharing, and review your privacy settings to ensure your information is only visible to trusted individuals. 
    • Keep your software up-to-date: Don’t fall behind on software updates. It’s crucial to keep your operating system, web browser, and other applications current with the latest versions. Regular updates can help fix security flaws, decreasing the chances of falling victim to cyber-attacks. 

    In conclusion, the ILS data breach underscores the importance of being vigilant about our personal information online. By taking proactive measures, users can protect themselves from potential harm. 

    Protecting Your Identity and Personal Info 

    Data leaks can have serious consequences, including identity theft, financial fraud, job losses, and company reputations lost overnight. The best thing you can do is a) have reliable cybersecurity protection, and b) ensure you will find out ASAP in the event of being affected. We would encourage readers to head over to our new FREE ID Protection platform, which has been designed to meet these challenges.  

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    With ID Protection, you can: 

    1. Check to see if your data (email, number, password, social media) has been exposed in a leak, 
    2. Secure your social media accounts with our Social Media Account Monitoring tool, with which you’ll receive a personal report, 
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