Hatch Bank Data Breach – What You Need to Know

    Hatch Bank Data Breach – What You Need to Know

    Hatch Bank, a fintech banking platform for small businesses, has reported a large data breach after hackers stole personal information from almost 140,000 customers on the company’s Fortra GoAnywhere MFT secure file-sharing platform.

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    The attackers exploited a vulnerability in the GoAnywhere MFT software to steal the data, including customers’ names and social security numbers. Hatch Bank is providing free access to credit monitoring services for affected individuals. The Clop ransomware gang has claimed responsibility for the breach and said that it has stolen data from over 130 other organizations.

    GoAnywhere MFT has confirmed a zero-day vulnerability (CVE-2023-0669) allowing remote threat actors to access servers. This is the second confirmed data breach caused by the GoAnywhere MFT attacks, with the first one disclosed by Community Health Systems (CHS) last month. Hatch Bank has also offered the affected individuals free access to credit monitoring services for 12 months.

    Protecting Your Identity and Personal Info

    Data leaks can have serious consequences, including identity theft, financial fraud, job losses, and company reputations lost overnight. The best thing you can do is a) have reliable cybersecurity protection, and b) ensure you will find out ASAP in the event of being affected. We would encourage readers to head over to our new FREE ID Protection platform, which has been designed to meet these challenges.

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    With ID Protection, you can:

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