Lilola Home Recliner/Sofa Text Scam Explained

    Lilola Home Sofa Text Scam Explained

    Scammers have been misusing the name of a Canada-based furniture wholesaler, Lilola Home, in their latest Amazon text message phishing scam. Come across this “Lilola Home Recliner (or Sofa)” text scam and not sure what’s going on? Read on for the low-down.

    Lilola Home Sofa Scam Text Explained

    This Lilola Home sofa text scam is the latest in a long list of Amazon-related scams. Here’s how it works:

    1. A scammer gets ahold of a victim’s phone number.
    2. The scammer sends the victim a text message that says they’ve successfully placed an order for a Lilola Home sofa for a significant amount of money (normally several hundred dollars).
    3. The victim is shocked by the text message because they never placed such an order and calls the phone number included in the message to try to resolve the issue.
    4. The scammer picks up the phone and tries to trick the victim into sharing additional personal and/or financial information. For example, by saying they will issue the victim a refund if they give the scammer their full name and credit card information.

    Lilola Home Recliner Scam Text

    Besides Lilola Home sofa, scammers also use “Lilola Home Recliner” as an excuse to trick you.

    The tactics are similar. Scammers first send you a fake dispatch notification and then instruct you to call them if you want to cancel the order/payment. And we’ve already mentioned what will happen in the end!

    Lillola Recliner Scam Text_20230208
    Lilola Home Recliner scam text. Source: Reddit

    Lilola Home Sofa Text Scam Examples

    Below are some examples of what these scam text messages look like.

    Lilola Home sofa scam text_20230202
    Lilola Home sofa scam text ex. 1
    Lilola Home sofa scam text_2_20230202
    Lilola Home sofa scam text ex. 2

    Most Lilola Home sofa scam text messages will contain a fake Amazon order number (like in the two examples above), but we have also observed some examples without. However, the overall content of all the messages is the same — always including a reference to a fake payment and a scam phone number.

    Trend Top Tip: If you ever come across a suspicious text or email, don’t call any included phone number or click on any included link. If the message claims to be from a particular company, contact it directly to query the issue using the contact information on its website.

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