Gmail Hacked? How to Recover a Gmail Account

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    Email is like our second identity. We use it for all our every-day activities, like bank transfers, social media, work, and many more. Unfortunately, this makes it valuable to cybercriminals — and there’s a very real possibility of your Gmail being hacked. But fear not! There’s always something you can do, such as the steps below.

    How to Recover a Hacked Gmail Account

    If you have a suspicion your Gmail is compromised, you need to check if you can still gain access to / recover your account. Follow these steps:

    1. Sign-in from a different computer as malware infections might be present on your computer. Such infections can use a fake log-in screen or record your keystrokes to collect log-in credentials.
    2. Once you have successfully logged in, change your email’s password immediately. If you can’t log in, do the following.
      • Retrieve your password through your security questions. Security questions include alternate email addresses, date of birth, or a custom question. For Gmail, you can reset your password using this link. You can also use their recovery page.
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    1. Review account activity and secure your account. Check if there has been suspicious activity on your account — as well as other sign-ins to devices that you own. Be sure to also track 3rd party apps that have access to your account.
      • Go to your Google Account and select security on the left panel. This should show the activity, your devices and 3rd party apps with account access.
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    Once you have regained access to your account, the next thing is to make sure that you prevent such a thing from happening again.

    Prevention Beats Cure

    Now you need to add a layer of preventative measures to your account. Follow these steps to do so:

    • Enable 2-Step Verification or two-factor authentication. This will be a safety cushion to ensure that it will be difficult for others to sign into your account.
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    • Add your recovery phone and email. This is for you to be able to have an alternative way to access to your account.
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    • Make it a habit to regularly update your account password.
    • Use different passwords for different accounts.

    How Trend Micro Can Help

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    • Allows you to change and manage your passwords from any location, on any device.
    • Features app and web browser support for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.

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