100GB Data Leak Affects Clients of Logistics Company D.W. Morgan

DW morgan data leak

US logistics company, D.W. Morgan, has exposed 100GB of sensitive data on clients and shipments, including Fortune 500 companies like Cisco and Ericsson. A data container belonging to the logistics company was found to be open back in late-November. It included 2.5 million files on financial, personal, shipping and transportation details belonging to D.W. Morgan’s employees and clients.

The full contents has been listed as follows:

  • Full names
  • Attachments
  • Phone numbers
  • Process photos
  • Signatures
  • Goods ordered
  • Cargo damages
  • Dates of invoices
  • Process details
  • Shipping barcodes
  • Unknown documents
  • Facility locations
  • Billing addresses
  • Prices paid for goods
  • Delivery addresses
  • Photos of shipments
  • Photos of package labels
  • Transportation plans

Investigations are ongoing into what exactly happened. It is unknown if cybercriminals accessed the data while it was unprotected. Regardless, exposed clients now face the prospect of being targeted in phishing & fraud campaigns due to the data leak.

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