The 2021 List of Fake Christmas Shopping Scam Websites

    christmas scams

    Christmas is all around! Yet, as you look for the best deal online, scammers are ready to steal your money with irresistible but fake offerings. In the past 7 days we’ve detected over 18,257 fake Christmas-related shopping sites. Would you be able to spot the red flags and avoid these scams?  

    How to spot a fake online shopping site

    An online shop could be a SCAM if any of these signs occur:

    • Too-good-to-be-true deals.
    • A strange web address.
    • Lots of 5-star (but irrelevant) customer reviews.
    • Unusual payment methods (wire transfer/cash apps etc.).
    • Unreasonable requests for detailed personal information.
    • Typos and questionable wording.
    • A lack of valid contact details on the site.

    For more tips on spotting fake online shops, please visit this article.

    Top Christmas Scam Websites (Up-To-Date)

    #1 snowsnail[.]top

    2021 XMAS scam_1224_1

    #2 sliverart[.]com

    2021 XMAS scam_1224_2

    #3 thegenis[.]com

    This website “offers” beer sweaters. Cool? Don’t fall for it. It’s a SCAM!

    Christmas shopping scam_1209_1
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    #4 ipetor[.]com

    If you are a pet lover, please be extra careful. The website seems to offer cute Christmas clothes for pets, but again, they are SCAMs.

    Christmas shopping scam_1209_2

    #5 hardaddy[.]com

    This website has been popular recently, and it’s now featuring Christmas sales for up to 49% off. However, the website is a SCAM.

    Christmas shopping scam_1209_3

    #6 midelyo[.]com

    Featuring an early Christmas sale of up to 65% off, this website “sells” Christmas gifts and decorations.

    Christmas Scam_1206_1

    #7 pawsionate[.]com

    This scam website targets pet owners, with T-shirts, pillows, and other products printed with pets’ photos.

    Christmas Scam_1206_1

    #8 muchvisualize[.]com

    “Make all well, make life better.” This website supposedly features houseware and decorations for Christmas.

    Christmas Scam_1206_3

    #9 thelegendgift[.]com

    2021 XMAS scam_1224_

    #10 foreverandlove[.]com

    2021 XMAS scam_1224_

    #11 rushburst[.]com

    2021 XMAS scam_1224_

    #12 etsy-crafts[.]com

    2021 XMAS scam_1224_6

    #13 uultc[.]com

    Holiday Scam_1206_1

    #14 happystores[.]biz

    Holiday Scam_1206_1

    #15 welofi[.]co

    Holiday Scam_1206_1

    #16 veciden[.]co

    Holiday Scam_1206_1

    #17 entkolty[.]com

    Holiday Scam_1206_5

    #18 mnford[.]com

    Holiday Scam_1206_5

    #19 infinity-orb[.]com

    Holiday Scam_1206_7

    #20 lyricaltune[.]com

    Holiday Scam_1206_7

    #21 broswear[.]com

    Holiday Scam_1206_9

    #22 noraclark[.]com

    Holiday Scams_1206_Noraclark_10

    #23 theduvely[.]com

    Xmas Scam site 2021_AV.com_4

    #24 weasts[.]com

    Xmas Scam site 2021_AV.com_5

    #25 mirandageorge[.]club

    Xmas Scam site 2021_AV.com_6

    #26 okbands[.]com

    Xmas Scam site 2021_AV.com_6

    #27 infinitias[.]com

    Xmas Scam site 2021_AV.com_6

    #28 lovelyrotary[.]com

    Xmas Scam site 2021_AV.com_6

    #29 affaigt[.]com

    Xmas sam site_1217_

    #30 allicoco[.]com

    Xmas sam site_1217_2

    #31 macys-newarrival[.]com

    Xmas sam site_1217_3

    #32 lovelychristmaseve[.]com

    Scam website_1231_1

    #33 finestshop[.]net

    Scam website_1231_2

    How to Protect Yourself

    • Shop only on legitimate online stores.
    • Do your homework and read reviews about the online store you plan to shop on.
    • Too-good-to-be-true offers are almost always scams.
    • Never click on unknown links. Check first with Trend Micro Check!
    • Add an extra layer of protection to your device with Trend Micro Maximum Security. Its Web Threat Protection, Ransomware Protection, Anti-phishing, and Anti-spam Protection can help you combat scams and cyberattacks!

    Click the button below to give it a try:

    For more tips about spotting scam online shops, click here. Stay safe this holiday shopping season! If you have found this article helpful, please do SHARE with family and friends to help keep the online community protected this festive season.

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