Neiman Marcus Data Breach Hits 4.6 Million Customers

    Neiman Marcus data breach

    On September 30th, the luxury retailer Neiman Marcus, confirmed a major data breach impacting approximately 4.6 million customers. The breach occurred way back in May 2020 after an unauthorized party obtained the personal information of Neiman Marcus customers from their online accounts.

    According to an official press release, the stolen information included:

    • Names and contact information
    • Payment card numbers and expiration dates (fortunately not security codes)
    • Neiman Marcus virtual gift card numbers (without PINs)
    • Usernames, passwords, and security questions & answers for Neiman Marcus online accounts.

    Neiman Marcus said they have informed affected customers and enacted a password rest for all account holders. The company has since promised further actions — and to enhance its security systems. A spokesperson added:

    “Our investigation is ongoing, and we are working quickly to determine the nature and scope of the matter. To protect our customers, we required an online account password reset for affected customers who had not changed their password since May 2020.”

    Finally, if customers receive a Neiman Marcus email about the breach and its text doesn’t match this official page, then it may be a fake. Customers can also call (866) 571-9725 —provide reference number B019206. Investigations remain ongoing: the company doesn’t know who hacked it — nor why it took a year and a half for the theft to be discovered.

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