Spot the Scam: Black Friday, USPS Survey, iPhone 13, Wells Fargo, and MORE!

    black friday spot the scam

    “Claim your Black Friday deal today!” “Last Chance to Claim Your (1) Reward!” Check out the hot scams of the week and see how many of them you’ve spotted:

    Black Friday Scams

    #1 Fake Shopping Sites

    It’s Black Friday! People are rushing to get the best deals possible, but as we’ve reminded you before, don’t get scammed by bogus online shops! Over the past week, we’ve detected several heavily trafficked online shops that are unfortunately hosting scams:

    • Nintendo Switch
      Nintendo game consoles have been hot picks for consumers this holiday shopping season, but be careful. Scammers have already created fake Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft websites to exploit you!

      Scam URL:  blackfridaygame[.]life
    Spot the Scam_Black Friday_1119_2
    • Oculus
      Facebook’s Oculus sells VR headsets and other accessories, and is popular with online gamers. Recently we’ve seen many fake Oculus websites pop up that want to exploit unsuspecting shoppers. Don’t let them fool you!

      Scam URLs:
    • www.onlineocvr[.]com
    • www.oculusonline[.]store
    • www.sshoposoc[.]com
    Gamers Scam_1118_

    Note: The real Oculus web address is oculus[.]com!

    Legitimate Oculus website.

    For the full list of fake Black Friday shopping websites, please visit this article.

    Besides fake websites, we’ve also seen many phishing attempts carried out in the name of Black Friday. Scammers have been posing as well-known businesses, trying their best to lure you into clicking on phishing links in text messages and emails.

    The scammers’ ultimate goal is to steal your personal information. The phishing links often lead to fake online survey pages claiming to offer a gift for completing online questionnaires.

    #2 Free iPhone 13 giveaway phishing

    As we’ve previously reported, scammers are claiming that they are giving away free iPhone 13s to celebrate Black Friday:

    • Now Iet’s get your iphone13 ready PromoCode: WTBVS <URL>
    Spot the Scam_i13_1119_1

    These kinds of scammers record all the highly sensitive and deeply personal information you enter on their fake websites. They then go on to commit cybercrimes such as identity theft or even emptying your bank account. Don’t become the next victim!

    Spot the Scam_i13_1119_2

    #3 Best Buy “free product” phishing

    We’ve already seen a number of Best Buy iPhone 13 giveaway scams, and now a new wave of “free product” smishing has appeared:

    • redeem your black friday product from best buy <URL>
    • a free black friday item was added to your account <URL>
    • you just won a black friday contest prize, get it here <URL>
    • black friday gift. get your free apple product today <URL>
    • claim your black friday deal today <URL>
    • happy black friday! choose your free product <URL>

    If you take the bait by clicking these links, you’ll be led to phishing pages asking you to enter your credit card information. Don’t fall for these scams!

    Best Buy_1126

    Thanksgiving Smishing

    Thanksgiving just came to an end, but scammers are still falsely claiming to hold Thanksgiving AirPods / iPad Pro giveaways:

    • \/\/algreens is wishing you, a Happy Thanksgiving, w/ $35O & double store points! Get it by, 11/16 <URL>
    • Happy Thanksgiving, from your celI network. Here’s $35O & a courtesy upgrade, <URL>

    Like other scams, you’re eventually asked to enter your credit card details in exchange for a high-value gift, but all that happens is scammers get their hands on more information which they then go on to exploit.


    redressfestival[.]com Smishing

    We noticed several smishing attacks leading to the same malicious link, “redressfestival[.]com,” but many of these attacks contained different topics and descriptions. This scam site is no longer operating, but this example still reminds us all to never click any unknown links!

    • Shark Tank Popular Smart Pill is Free until Nov 30th. Strengthen your brain health and avoid dementia, It is guaranteed to work, Do not miss out
    Spot the Scam_1126_1
    • Hi! Do you own less than $356,362 left on your mortagage? Then you could qualify for this Mortgage Relief program:
    Spot the Scam_1126_2

    Email Phishing

    #1 Portable WiFi Router

    Promotional emails offering a temping, sought after good or service are a favorite tactic of many scammers. This time they’ve been impersonating WiFi router companies by sending fake product emails. The scam links lead to fake online shops for WiFi routers where would-be victims could end up exposing their personal information. Don’t get fooled!


    #2 USPS Phishing

    “Last Chance to Claim Your (1) Reward!” USPS phishing emails have been heating up since last week, offering exclusive rewards in exchange for taking online surveys. Anyone who clicks these links risks exposing their personal information. Be extra careful!

    Spot the Scam_USPS_1119_1

    #3 Wells Fargo Phishing

    Scammers love to impersonate well known banks such as Wells Fargo, Chase, SunTrust Bank, and more using smishing attacks. Now we’ve seen this scam reaching you as a phishing email, prompting you to open a link for a Wells Fargo “reward.”

    Wells Fargo_1126

    Of course, the link takes you to a phishing page, not the real Wells Fargo website. You can guess what happens next if you get this far in the scam. Don’t give out any of your personal information!

    How to Protect Yourself

    • Double-check the sender’s mobile number/email address.
    • Free gifts or prizes are always a major red flag.
    • Reach out to an organization’s customer service directly for help and support.
    • NEVER click links or attachments from unknown sources. Use Trend Micro Check to detect scams with ease!

    1. After you’ve pinned the Trend Micro Check browser extension, it will block dangerous sites for you automatically:

    Spot the Scam_TMC_0730

    2. Send links or screenshots of suspicious text messages to Trend Micro Check on WhatsApp for immediate scam detection.

    Don’t forget to add an extra layer of protection to your device with Trend Micro Maximum Security! It includes Web Threat Protection, Ransomware Protection, Anti-phishing, and Anti-spam Protection to help you combat scams and cyberattacks. Click the button below to give it a try:

    Were you successful at spotting all the scams? Remember, always CHECK before giving out personal information. If you found this article helpful or interesting, please SHARE it to help protect your friends and family!

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