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GEICO data breach

Geico Data Breach: Stolen Driver License Numbers

GEICO data breach
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May 19, 2021
Image via Geico

According to Geico, America’s second largest auto insurance provider, customers’ license numbers were obtained by cybercriminals during a months-long breach from their online sales system.

This happened due to a security defect on its website that has since been fixed.

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If you’re a Geico customer, what should you be concerned about?

Hackers want to collect license numbers because they’re valuable personal information to be sold on the Dark Web.

Stolen license numbers are used for various purposes. One common scenario is for filing unemployment benefits. When hackers have access to a license number, they can apply unemployment benefits using another person’s identity.

If you’re a Geico customer:

  • Watch closely for any mail sent from your state unemployment office.
  • Review all mailings from your respective state’s unemployment agency. Contact the agency immediately if something does not look right to you.
  • If you’ve received mailings from your state government and haven’t filed for unemployment benefits, there’s a possibility someone has committed fraud using your name and identity.

How to find out if your information was leaked

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