[Scam Alert] “Tap to get back into your Instagram account” Smishing Attack


Did you receive this text message from Instagram that asks you to click on a link to “get back into your Instagram account?” Don’t fall for it. It’s a scam!

Instagram smishing attack. Source: Twiiter
Instagram smishing attack. Source: Twiiter


Tap to get back into your Instagram account:<URL>

Scammers pose as Instagram and send you the message with a phishing link, which leads you to a web page where you are asked to reset your password. If you enter your login credential, scammers can record the data you submit and take over your Instagram account!

Phishing page. Source: urlscan
Phishing page. Source: urlscan

Never click on links from unknown resources, and please note that Instagram will never reach out to you via random text messages. Also, turn to customer service directly for help if you are worried that there are issues with your Instagram.

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