Is the Cookie Monster Rock real? Rumors of the Week (8/3/2021)

    Cookie Monster Rock
    Cookie Monster Rock

    Have you heard about the Cookie Monster rock? How about the crystal pyramid in the Bermuda Triangle? Are these stories true, or are they too wild to believe? In this post, we will discuss 4 reports that are flying around the Internet. Do you know which stories are true and which are false?


    Geologist Mike Bowers posted a video on Facebook of a rock that looks just like Cookie Monster. The video went viral, with over 1M views and 4.3 K likes.

    The Cookie Monster rock is agate from Brazil. As HuffPost reported, the agate was recovered from the Rio Grande do Sul region of Brazil by gemologist Lucas Fassari in November 2020. Cookie Monster even retweeted the news:

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    Ask Trend Micro Check questions on Messenger.
    Ask Trend Micro Check questions on Messenger. Source: Snopes

    Is there a crystal pyramid in the Bermuda Triangle?

    No! The rumor that scientists found a crystal pyramid beneath the Bermuda Triangle has circulated on the Internet for years. In the 1980 program In Search Of…, Dr. Ray Brown claimed that he “spotted the tip of a submerged pyramid” when scuba diving around Bimini island in the Bahamas in 1968.

    His photographic equipment was destroyed in a storm, and there is no proof of his findings. Although others have continued to look for the pyramid over the years, it has not been found. So no, there is no proof that a crystal pyramid is in the Bermuda Triangle!

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    Ask Trend Micro Check questions on WhatsApp.
    Ask Trend Micro Check questions on WhatsApp.
    With the Trend Micro Check Chrome extension, you can highlight a statement and click on the icon to check it fast. Source: Check Your Fact
    With the Trend Micro Check Chrome extension, you can highlight a statement and click on the icon to check it fast. Source: Check Your Fact

    Are all Walmart stores closing this year?

    No! A Reddit user uploaded an ad circulating on the Internet entitled “Goodbye Walmart: Every Store Closing This Year.” The ad is from, and it leads to a page with a list of stores that are closing locations. In the 26 page slideshow, Walmart never appears.

    Misleading ad from Source: Reddit
    Misleading ad from Source: Reddit

    Walmart’s latest earning release did not indicate any plans to close all Walmart stores. The title of the ad is misleading. Unsure of what you read and see online? Use Trend Micro Check to find the information you need to verify what you see on the Internet:

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    Ask Trend Micro Check questions on Messenger. Source: Snopes

    Can anti-solar panels produce energy at night?

    A mixture of True and False.

    A new technology, “thermoradiative photovoltaics” or “anti-solar panels,” is said to be able to absorb energy from the night sky. The concept went viral on the Internet after a research paper from the University of California at Davis was published in 2020.

    However, for now, the technology is still theoretical. As reported by The Brief, “researchers already use thermoradiative devices to cool engines, but using this same process to generate actual power has yet to be achieved.”

    Anti-solar panels have not been produced yet. Perhaps this technology will benefit people in the future, but a solar panel that generates energy from deep space doesn’t exist right now! Use Trend Micro Check to help you find out what’s true:

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    Use Trend Micro Check and get real-time results. Source: Snopes

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