Ask Vic: Hiding Facebook posts from certain friends

hiding facebook posts

“I want to hide my next Facebook post from certain friends on my list.  How do I do that?” — Jim

Hi Jim, thanks for your question. Although Facebook doesn’t support Circles ala Google+, you can still get close to that functionality by creating a Facebook “list” or by using the following steps to omit individuals:

  • At the bottom of your Update Status box, click on the menu next to the Post button
  • Select Custom from the drop down menu.
  •  Type the names of the people you want to exclude in the These people or lists box in the Hide this from section.
  •  As you type, the Facebook user interface will produce friends whose name could be a match for the letters you’ve typed so far.  When you see the name of the person you want exclude in the list, select it from the menu.
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each friend you want to exclude.
  •  Click on the Save Changes button when you are done.
  • Enter your exclusive post (like Bonnie’s surprise party is still ON!) in the Update Status box.
  • Click on Post when you are done.  All of your friends, except those that you excluded in steps 2 – 6, will see your post in their news feeds.
  • And to confirm the “excluded” can’t see the post, you can use the “view profile as” feature to double check.

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