Fearless Photos: Protecting your Pictures Online

    If you’re like many, you have been storing your photos on your computers for a long time. And as time has gone by, both the volume and relative preciousness of your photos seem to increased dramatically. It’s probably become very difficult to keep track of and manage the whole kit and kaboodle. So you might have a troubling photo storage problem on your hands.

    Luckily, Trend Micro can help.

    With Trend Micro™ Safe Sync™, you can protect your photos by backing them up online, all with a nominal investment of time and money.  Many of us are too busy to upload digital photos the day we take them. And this lag time poses risks that many of us don’t even want to ponder.

    If our hard drives failed before we had time to upload photos, we’d be very disappointed, and perhaps be permanently in the doghouse with our spouse. 

    Fortunately, SafeSync backs everything up automatically so you don’t have to fret about losing those photos of Billy’s first tooth or your puppy’s first play day in the sun.

    And protecting your photos is just the beginning.  SafeSync also allows you to add videos, documents, and music files. It even helps you organize your photos into folders and allows you to access them remotely from anywhere, anytime.

    Not only can you protect the files and photos you cherish most, but you can easily share them as well.

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