The Smart Protection Network

    Smart Protection Network

    You know that you need security protection for your computer, but you may not know what to look for in Internet security software. What makes one type of Internet security different or better than another?

    Threats to your computer and data have changed over the years. As computers and networks have become more sophisticated, so have the cyber threats. Not only are the threats more dangerous, the number of different threats has grown exponentially, rising over 1,700% from 2005 to 2008.

    Each new threat means that your current Internet security software may no longer offer the protection you need. You need to constantly update your software to stay ahead of cyber threats, and even then, there may be some lag time between when the threat is introduced to the Internet and when your computer is protected.

    Trend Micro Internet Security software offers a better way to stop Internet threats because it is powered by the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ cloud computing security infrastructure. The Smart Protection Network identifies new and emerging threats with a world-wide network of threat detection sensors so it finds dangers and stops them before they get on your computer. Since all of this takes place in the cloud, your computer isn’t slowed down and valuable space isn’t used up. The Smart Protection Network gives Titanium a light footprint because it doesn’t use up your computer’s valuable system resources and it’s fast because it operates in the cloud.

    The Smart Protection Network is made up of five global data centers and more than 1,000 Trend Micro security specialists that gather information on threats 24/7. Titanium is strong because the Smart Protection Network is continuously gathering and analyzing new information. For example, every time you receive an email, download a file, or click on a link, the validity and safety is checked against a reputation database to ensure that it is safe. Various components are analyzed and any suspicious activity is blocked before it ever reaches your computer. New threats from anywhere in the world are instantly added to the global database.

    In June 2010,, a worldwide leader for IT security testing and consultancy services again performed endpoint security benchmark testing on five market-leading Enterprise endpoint solutions from Symantec, McAfee, Microsoft, Sophos, and Trend Micro (including both Worry-Free Business Security Standard and OfficeScan). Trend Micro  outperformed all other vendors and the results of the security benchmark test provides detailed information on how the test was performed.

    The same Smart Protection Network core technology that drives our enterprise-class solutions also protects our home and home office users. With the Smart Protection Network, there is no need to download updates to your security software because the updates happen continuously. It is always current. Since the analysis takes place in the cloud, using Titanium means that less of your computer’s disc space and memory are used on security. Strong, fast, and light. It’s smart security.

    You can learn more about the Smart Protection Network by visting Trend

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